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All abstracts by Katja Schmidt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Trace Elements and REY in Bottom Seawater and Oxic Pore Water in NE Pacific: Pilot Study on the Application of a DGT Passive Sampling Method
Schmidt K, Paul S & Kriete C

(2020) The Significance of Colloidal Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Deep-Sea Pore Waters
Paul S, Schmidt K, Kurahashi E & Koschinsky A

(2019) Distribution of Particle-Reactive Trace Elements and Hf-Nd Isotopes between the Truly Dissolved, Nanoparticulate/Colloidal and Suspended Loads in Rivers
Weimar NE, Schmidt K, Kurahashi E, Münker C & Bau M

(2016) Hf and Nd Isotope Systematics in the Particulate, Nanoparticulate and Truly Dissolved Load of Amazonian Rivers
Merschel G, Bau M, Schmidt K, Münker C & Dantas EL

(2016) Hf and Nd Isotopic Composition of (Nano)particles and Ultrafiltrates of Temperate Streams and Rivers
Schmidt K, Bau M, Münker C & Merschel G

(2015) Riverine HFSE Geochemistry and the Hf Isotopic Flux to the Ocean: Two Examples from Iceland and Germany
Schmidt K, Muenker C & Bau M

(2013) Discrimination Scheme for Fe-Mn Deposits Based on REY, HFSE and Th
Schmidt K, Bau M & Koschinsky A

(2011) Mussel Shells as Archives of Geogenic and Anthropogenic Dissolved REE
Bau M, Merschel G, Kulaksiz S, Schmidt K, Brenner M, Balan S & Koschinsky A

(2011) Fractionated Enrichment of Zr-Hf and Nb-Ta in Ferromanganese Crusts
Schmidt K, Bau M & Koschinsky A

(2009) Corrosion and Scaling in Low-Enthalphy Geothermal Systems in Northern Germany
Regenspurg S, Schmidt K, Milsch H, Saadat A & Huenges E

(2009) Rare Earth Element Distribution and Temporal Variability in Supercritical Vapor Phase Fluids from 5°S, MAR
Schmidt K, Garbe-Schönberg D, Koschinsky A & Bau M

(2008) Fractionation of Zr/Hf and Nb/Ta in Aqueous Systems – The Role of Marine Fe-Mn Oxides
Schmidt K, Bau M, Münker C & Koschinsky A

(2008) Hydrothermal Fluids from 5°S, MAR: Evidence for a Different Heat Flow Regime in Slow-Spreading Crust?
Garbe-Schönberg D, Koschinsky A, Schmidt K & Strauss H

(2007) First Direct Sampling of Superhot Supercritical Vapor Phase Fluids at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Schmidt K, Koschinsky A, Garbe-Schönberg D & Seifert R

(2006) Detailed geochemical investigation of hydrothermal fluids from the Logatchev field, 15°N, MAR
Schmidt K, Koschinsky-Fritsche A & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2005) Age, Chemical, and Isotopic Complexity in Magmatic Belts along the Orofino Segment of the Western Idaho Suture Zone (WISZ)
Schmidt K & Lewis R

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