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All abstracts by Pierre Schiano in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Si Isotopes and Small Scale Processes in Olivine Hosted Melt Inclusions
Le Lay C, Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Laubier M & Schiano P

(2019) CO2-flush, Volatile with Subduction Flavor, and Plumbing System Architecture at a Continental Rift Segment
Bonnet R, France L, Jannot S, Schiano P, Gurenko A, Baudouin C, Devidal J-L & Caumon M-C

(2017) Magma Storage Conditions and Processes at Calbuco Volcano (Central Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile)
Montalbano S, Namur O, Schiano P, Bolle O & Vander Auwera J

(2017) Chromium and Cerium Mass Dependent Isotopic Variations during Fractional Crystallisation in Terrestrial Basalts
Bonnand P, Boyet M, Doucelance R & Schiano P

(2016) Geochemistry of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusion in the Baekdusan (Changbaishan) Basalts: Contribution from the Subducted paleo-Pacific Slab to the Mantle Source
Choi H-O, Choi SH, Schiano P, Cho M, Cluzel N & Ha K

(2016) Melt Inclusions and Olivine Growth in MORB – What can We Learn from Phosphorus and δ18O?
Manzini M, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Müntener O, Bloch E, Escrig S, Meibom A, Rose-Koga EF & Schiano P

(2015) Oxygen Isotopes Variation in Melt Inclusions from MORB Samples
Manzini M, Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Schiano P & Baumgartner L

(2015) Insights into the Origin of Magmas from the Adventive Cones of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano (La Réunion Island)
Valer M, Schiano P & Bachelery P

(2015) Two Differentiation Trends and Parent Magmas at Calbuco Volcano (CSVZ Chile)
Montalbano S, Schiano P, Cluzel N, Bolle O & Vander Auwera J

(2013) Physical Evolution of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions during high-T Homogenization Treatments
Schiavi F, Provost A, Schiano P & Cluzel N

(2012) Heterogeneous Hydrous Mantle in Arc Settings: Constraints on the Genesis of Silica-Undersaturated Arc Magmas
Sorbadere F, Medard E, Laporte D & Schiano P

(2011) Origin of Nepheline-Normative Primitive Magmas in Island Arcs
Sorbadere F, Schiano P & Métrich N

(2009) Os Isotope Evolution of an Oceanic Intra-Plate Volcano: Tahiti-Nui (Society Islands, French Polynesia)
Nauret F, David K, Gannoun A, Hildenbrand A, Gillot P-Y, Delpech G & Schiano P

(2009) The Effects of Metasomatic Sulphide on Mantle Re-Os Systematics: Unravelling Melt Depletion and Secondary Processes
Harvey J, Gannoun A, Burton K & Schiano P

(2007) Fine-Scale Isotopic Structure in OIB Trends: New Insights from São Jorge Island, Azores
Millet M-A, Doucelance R & Schiano P

(2007) Volatiles and Boron Isotopes Analysis in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Vulcano (Italy) and Pichincha (Ecuador) Lavas
Le Voyer M, Rose-Koga E & Schiano P

(2005) Assessing Shallow Level Interactions in OIB Geochemical Signature; Application to São Nicolau Island, Cape Verde
Millet M, David K, Bosq C, Schiano P & Doucelance R

(2005) Partial Melting of a Fertile Peridotite: Application of the Microcrack Extraction Technique
Mönicke A, Laporte D & Schiano P

(2004) Mantle Source Heterogeneity Recorded in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the FAMOUS Zone, Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Laubier M, Schiano P, Doucelance R, Laporte D & Ottolini L

(2004) Hf-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics in MORB from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 22-35°N
Debaille V, Doucelance R, Agranier A, Blichert-Toft J & Schiano P

(2004) Isotopic Evidence of Large-Scale Mantle Stretching and Refolding beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Agranier A, Blichert-Toft J, Schilling J, Debaille V, Schiano P & Albarède F

(2004) A Melt Inclusion Study in Primitive Olivines from Padloping Island, Baffin Bay
Smit Y & Schiano P

(2004) Melt Inclusion Study of Olivine from Scoria and Associated Mantle Xenoliths, Chaîne des Puys, Massif Central, France
Jannot S, Schiano P & Boivin P

(2002) Open-System Behaviour in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts
Gannoun A, Thomas LE, Burton KW & Schiano P

(2002) The Nature of Melt Inclusions Inside Minerals in Ultramafic Cumulates from Island Arcs: Implications for the Origin of high-Al Basalts
Schiano P

(2000) Assessment of Zr/Hf Fractionation in Oceanic Basalts during Petrogenetic Processes
David K, Schiano P & Allègre CJ

(2000) The Partitioning of Rhenium and Osmium into Magmatic Olivine and the Consequences for the Chemistry of Oceanic Basalts
Burton KW, Gannoun A, Schiano P, Birck J & Allègre CJ

(2000) Evidence for Slab-Derived Silicate Melt in the Sub-Arc Mantle
Eiler J & Schiano P

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