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All abstracts by Walter D. C. Schenkeveld in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Photogenerated Fe(II) Accelerates Ligand-Controlled Dissolution Rates of Iron(hydr)oxides
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

(2019) Isotope Exchange and Fe(II)-catalyzed Ligand-Controlled Dissolution of Iron(hydr)oxides in the Carbonate System
Biswakarma J, Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Kraemer SM, Hering JG & Hug SJ

(2019) Fe Acquisition by Coumarins; An Interplay between Ligand-Controlled and Reductive Dissolution
Schenkeveld W, Kang K & Kraemer S

(2019) Copper Sulfide Dissolution by Methanobactin, a Methanotrophic Chalcophore
Rushworth D, Hoffmann K, Christl I, Kretzschmar R, Schenkeveld W & Kraemer S

(2019) Surface Catalyzed Fe(II) Oxidation Process and its Influence on Ligand-Controlled Fe(III) (Hydr)oxide Dissolution Rate
Kang K, Schenkeveld WDC, Biswakarma J, Hug SJ, Hering JG & Kraemer SM

(2019) Dissolution of Iron Oxides in the Presence of Ligands and Reductants
Kraemer SM & Schenkeveld WDC

(2017) Laboratory and Field Investigations of Methanotrophic Copper Acquisition
Rushworth DD, Reyes C, Steinle L, Schenkeveld WDC, Lehmann MF & Kraemer SM

(2017) Ligand-Controlled Fe(hydr)oxide Dissolution Catalyzed by Electron Transfer
Kang K, Biswakarma J, Borowski SC, Hug SJ, Hering JG, Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2017) Iron-Specificity of Plant and Microbial Siderophores in Soils
Kraemer SM, Zeller C & Schenkeveld WDC

(2017) Radical Generation and Transition Metals on Chrysotile Asbestos Surfaces
Walter M, Schenkeveld WDC, Geroldinger G, Gille L & Kraemer SM

(2017) Constraints to Synergistic Effects between Ligands and Reductants in Plant Iron Acquisition from Soil
Schenkeveld WDC & Kraemer SM

(2016) Kinetic Specificity in Biological Iron Acquisition
Kraemer SM & Schenkeveld WDC

(2015) Synergisms between Fe Acquisition Strategies
Schenkeveld W, Wang Z, Giammar D & Kraemer S

(2015) Thermodynamic Versus Kinetic Specificity in Biological Iron Acquisition
Kraemer SM & Schenkeveld WDC

(2013) The Role of Soil Cu in Chelate Mediated Fe Acquisition by Plants
Schenkeveld W & Kraemer S

(2012) Coupled Geochemical Processes Limiting Phytosiderophore-Promoted Iron Uptake from Soils
Schenkeveld W, Oburger E, Schindlegger Y, Regelsberger A, Hann S, Puschenreiter M & Kraemer S

(2011) The Biogeochemistry of Phytosiderophores in the Rhizosphere in Relation to Fe Uptake
Schenkeveld W, Oburger E, Dell´Mour M, Stanetty C, Walter M, Hann S, Puschenreiter M & Krämer S

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