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All abstracts by Enno Schefuß in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Impact of Species Composition on Paleosalinity Reconstructions from Coastal δD Alkenone Records
van der Meer M, M'Boule D, Kasper S, Chivall D, Sinke D, Schefuss E, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damste J

(2014) Origin of the C4 Grass Savannah in South-Western Africa
Schefuss E, Hoetzel S, Rommerskirchen F & Dupont L

(2014) A 2.5Ma Year Record of Wetland Development in the Congo Basin Inferred from Hopanoid Biomarkers
Talbot H, Spencer-Jones C, Handley L, Dinga B, Schefuss E, Mann P, Poulsen J, Spencer R, Wabakanghanzi J & Wagner T

(2012) Comparison of Three Organic Geochemical Proxies for Sea-Surface Temperatures in a Four Year Sediment Trap Record
Mollenhauer G, Uliana E, Basse A, Kim J-H, Romero O, Schefub E, Hefter J & Fischer G

(2011) Tracing Molecular Proxy Signals from Biological Source to Sedimentary Sink
Eglinton T, Galy V, Feng X, Voss B, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Ponton C, Giosan L, Schefuss E, Montlucon D, Douglas P, Pagani M, Wu Y & Drenzek N

(2009) Geochemical Characterization of Modern Aerosols along the West African Continent Regarding to Provenance, Vegetation Cover, and Biomass Burning
Schefuß E, Zabel M & Eglinton TI

(2009) Estimating Soil Organic Carbon Input to Marine Sediments
Weijers J, Schouten S, Schefuss E, Schneider R & Sinninghe Damsté J

(2006) Multi-isotopic constraints on the origin and fate of n-alkyl lipids in recent sediments
Eglinton T, Ohkouchi N, Drenzek N, Dickens A, Mollenhauer G, Schefuss E, Sessions A, Montlucon D, Sylva S & Hayes J

(2002) Geochemical and Environmental Importance of Marine Archaea
Schouten S, Hopmans E, Schefuss E, Wuchter C & Sinninghe Damste JS

(2000) The Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition: Insight from Organic Geochemical Records from the Tropical Atlantic
Schefuss E, Pancost RD, Jansen JHF & Sinninghe Damsté JS

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