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All abstracts by Jörg Schäfer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Impacts of Highway Runoff on Metal Contamination Including Rare Earth Elements in a Small Urban Watershed: Case Study of Bordeaux Metropole (SW France)
Lerat A, Coynel A, Schäfer J, Marache A, Pereto C, Bossy C, Capdeville M-J & Granger D

(2016) Contribution of Microbial Compartments (Biofilms, Suspended Matters, Surface Sediments) to Monomethylmercury Formation in Subarctic Thermokarst (Nunavik, Quebec) and Temperate (Lorraine, France) Ponds
Remy P-P, Lanceleur L, Billard P, Schäfer J & Jorand FPA

(2014) Potential of Hg(II) Methylation/Demethylation by Biofilms Versus Planctonic Cells and Surface Sediments
Remy P-P, Schäfer J, Lanceleur L & Jorand FPA

(2013) Record of Historical Mercury Trends in Sediments from the Laguna del Plata, Córdoba, Argentina
Stupar Y, Schäfer J, García MG, Schmidt S, Piovano E, Blanc G, Huneau F & Le Coustumer P

(2011) Temporal Dynamics of Arsenic-Bearing Phases during the Suspended Transport
Grosbois C, Courtin-Nomade A, Robin E, Bril H, Tamura N, Schäfer J & Blanc G

(2009) Spatial Distribution of Soil Erosion in Southwestern France Watersheds – Modelling Sediment Transport by Interpretation of Rating Curves
Coynel A, Maneux E, Blanc G, Schäfer J & Etcheber H

(2009) Erosion and Impact of Human Disturbance on Sediment Transport in the Red River, Vietnam
Dang TH, Coynel A, Orange D, Blanc G, Etcheber H, Schäfer J & Le LA

(2007) Copper Addition by Organic Matter Degradation in the Freshwater Reaches of a Turbid Estuary (Gironde Estuary, France)
Masson M, Blanc G, Schäfer J, Parlanti E, Le Coustumer P & Dabrin A

(2007) Historical Variations in Zinc Stable Isotope Compositions of Smelter Polluted Sediments
Sonke J, Sivry Y, Viers J, Audry S, DeJonghe L, Andre L, Aggarwal J, Schafer J, Blanc G & Dupre B

(2006) Use of Cd and Zn isotopic variations in a sedimentary core to trace anthropogenic contamination
Sivry Y, Dupré B, Sonke J, Viers J, Audry S, Schäfer J, Blanc G & Riotte J

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