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All abstracts by Bruno Scaillet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) The Igneous Contribution to Atmosphere Chemistry
Gaillard F & Scaillet B

(2012) Time Scales of Magmatic Processes and Volcanic Unrest at Caldera Systems
Costa F, Druitt T, Deloule E, Dungan M & Scaillet B

(2012) Experimental Constraints on the Evolution of Alkaline Magmas from Ross Island, Antarctica: A Case for CO2-dominated Volcanism
Iacovino K, Oppenheimer C, Scaillet B & Kyle P

(2012) Storage Conditions of the Silicic Magmas Preceding Major Plinian Eruptions of Santorini Volcano
Cadoux A, Scaillet B, Deloule E & Druitt T

(2011) Effect of Alkali Content and Fe Oxidation State on the S Oxidation State and Solubility in Rhyolitic Glasses
Giuli G, Paris E, Mori R, Glatzel P, Cicconi MR, Scaillet B & Eeckhout S

(2011) Erebus: A Laboratory Volcano in Antarctica
Oppenheimer C, Kyle P, Jones L, McIntosh W, Dunbar N, Ilanko T, Peters N, Moussallam Y, Iacovino K, Boichu M, Sawyer G, Tsanev V, Scaillet B, Pichavant M, Burgisser A, Alletti M & Molina I

(2011) Volcanic Gases and Redox Biogeochemistry at the Archean-Proterozoic Transition
Gaillard F, Scaillet B & Arndt N

(2011) Volatile Solubility in Phonolites from Erebus Volcano: Towards a Multi-Component Degassing Model
Alletti M, Burgisser A, Scaillet B & Oppenheimer C

(2011) The Influence of S on Silicate Melt Structure: An Experimental and Spectrocospic Approach
Scaillet B, Morizet Y, Di Carlo I & Paris M

(2011) Strongly Reduced Gases Emitted during Flood Magmatism and their Environmental Consequences
Iacono-Marziano G, Gaillard F, Scaillet B, Marecal V, Pirre M, Polozov A & Arndt N

(2006) The connection betwen high K melts and Au deposits: Evidence from natural and experimental systems.
Mavrogenes J, Scaillet B, Pichavant ME & England D

(2006) The Solubility of Copper in Hydrous Rhyolitic Melts: The Effects of Oxygen, Chlorine and Sulfur.
Keller N, Mavrogenes J & Scaillet B

(2002) Experimental Simulation of Interactions between Evolved Hydrous Liquids and Gabbroic Minerals at 200-400 MPa
Costa F, Scaillet B & Pichavant M

(2001) Experimentally Reproducing Sulphur Solubilities Seen in Glass Inclusions from Vesuvius: Preliminary Results
Moncrieff DHS, Scaillet B & Pichavant M

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