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All abstracts by Paul S. Savage in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Silicon Isotopes in Achondrites and Clues to Planetary Differentiation
Pringle E, Savage P, Badro J, Barrat J-A & Moynier F

(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation during Iron-Silica Aqueous Interaction in the Precambrian Ocean
Chemtob S, Catalano J, Savage P & Moynier F

(2014) Heterogeneity of Calcium Isotopes in Earth’s Mantle
Chen H, Savage P, Valdes M, Puchtel I, Day J, Jackson M, Moreira M & Moynier F

(2014) Copper Isotope Heterogeneity in the Lithospheric Mantle
Savage P, Harvey J & Moynier F

(2013) Molybdenum Isotopes during Magmatic Differentiation
Yang J, Siebert C, Barling J, Savage P, Liang Y-H & Halliday A

(2013) The Copper Isotope Composition of Bulk Earth: A New Paradox?
Savage P, Chen H, Shofner G, Badro J & Moynier F

(2013) Redox State during Core Formation on Planetesimals
Pringle E, Savage P, Badro J, Barrat J-A & Moynier F

(2012) A Silicon Isotopic Record of Long Term Changes in Continental Weathering
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

(2012) Stable Vanadium Isotope Fractionation during Differentiation
Prytulak J, Savage P & Halliday A

(2011) Silicon Isotopes in Granitoid Rocks
Savage PS, Georg RB, Williams HM, Burton KW, Halliday AN & Chappell BW

(2010) Silicon Isotopes and Magmatic Evolution
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Uniform Silicon Isotopes in the Depleted Mantle and No Melt-Induced Fractionation
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

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