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All abstracts by Keiko Sasaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Environmental Impact of Amino Acids on the Stability of 79SeO42-immobilized in Layered Double Hydroxides
Wang M & Sasaki K

(2019) Suppression of Anionic Pollutant Leaching from Coal Fly Ash by Adding Hydroxylated Calcined Dolomite
Tian Q, Guo B, Nakama S, Zhang L, Hu Z & Sasaki K

(2019) First-Principles Investigations into Iodide and Iodate Incorporation Mechanism into Ettringite
Guo B, Xiong Y, Cheng W, Saslow S, Dabo I & Sasaki K

(2018) Reduction of Selenate in Ettringite by Calcination
Sasaki K & Guo B

(2018) Immobilization of Iodine Species in Ettringite and the Inorganic Anions Selective Mechanism
Guo B & Sasaki K

(2017) Immobilization of Borate and Arsenate from Geothermal Waters by Co-precipitation with Hydroxyapatite
Sasaki K, Hayashi Y & Guo B

(2016) Removal of Selenate by Co-precipitate with Ettringite in Aqueous Solution
Guo B, Hirajima T & Sasaki K

(2016) Application of Iron-Oxidizing Archeaon to Biohydrometallurgy of Enargite
Sasaki K

(2013) Immobilization of Boron in Groundwaters by Combination of MgO with Woodchips
Sasaki K, Qiu X, Takamori H, Moriyama S, Ideta K & Miyawaki J

(2013) Clarification for Boron Sorption Mechanism in Coprecipitation with Magnesium Hydroxide
Izawa S, Tokoro C, Suzuki S & Sasaki K

(2012) Sorption of Borate on Calcined Products of Natural Dolomite
Sasaki K, Hosomomi Y & Qiu X

(2011) Sorption of Sr2+ on Hydroxyapatite from Calcined Fish Bones at Different Temperatures
Sasaki K, Tsuruyama S, Moriyama S & Hirajima T

(2011) Geochemical Modeling for Boron Removal by a Permeable Reactive Barrier Using Magnesium Oxide
Tokoro C, Kurami J, Moriyama S & Sasaki K

(2011) Removal of Fluoride on Mg–Al Mixed Oxides Prepared at Different Temperatures
Moriyama S, Sasaki K & Hirajima T

(2011) Structural Effects of Zn2+ on Biogenic Mn Oxides: EXAFS Analysis of Solid Residues after Concomitant Immobilization
Yu Q, Sasaki K, Hirajima T, Tanaka K & Ohnuki T

(2011) Synthesis of Lithium Ion-Sieves Using Biogenic Birnessite as a Precusor
Sasaki K, Morioka E & Yu Q

(2010) Sorption Characteristics of Co<sup>2+</sup> Ions on Biogenic Birnessite: Comparison with Synthetic Analogues
Sasaki K, Yu Q & Kaseyama T

(2010) Removal of Borate with Magnisium Oxides Prepared at Different Temperatures
Moriyama S, Sasaki K, Yoshizaka H & Hirajima T

(2010) Biogenic Hydroxyapatite: New Nanophase Material for Radionuclide Removal
Macaskie L, Yong P, Handley-Sidhu S, Moriyama S, Sasaki K & Renshaw J

(2008) Treatment of Arsenate in Acid Mine Drainage by a Permeable Reactive Barrier Bearing Granulated Blast Furnace Slag: Column Study
Sasaki K, Nukina S, Wilopo W & Hirajima T

(2006) Nd isotopic composition in Northcentral Pacific Ocean
Amakawa H, Sasaki K & Ebihara M

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