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All abstracts by Chrystèle Sanloup in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Xenon Isotopic Fractionation, an Experimental Petrology Study
Rzeplinski I, Sanloup C, Horlait D & Gilabert E

(2021) Xenon Behavior in Deep Crust
Chen Q, Sanloup C, Bureau H, Glazyrin K & Farla R

(2015) Viscosity of Depolymerised Silicate Melts at High Pressure
Cochain B, Kono Y, Leroy C & Sanloup C

(2015) Trace Elements in Silicate Melts: Understanding Bonding Enivronments at High Pressure
de Grouchy C, Sanloup C, Cochain B, Drewitt J, Daisenberger D & Kantor I

(2014) Density of Magmas at Depth
Sanloup C

(2014) Trace Element Speciation in Silicic Melts at High Pressure
de Grouchy C, Sanloup C, Cochain B, Drewitt J, Leroy C, Bureau H, Schmidt B, Guignot N & Konopkova Z

(2013) Structural Change in Molten Basalt at Deep Mantle P-T Conditions
Sanloup C, Drewitt J, Dalladay-Simpson P, Morton D, Rai N, van Westrenen W, Konopkova Z & Morgenroth W

(2013) Viscosity and Structure of Fayalite Liquid at High Pressure up to 9GPa
Spice H, Sanloup C, Drewitt J, De Grouchy C, Crepisson C, Kono Y, Park C & McCammon C

(2012) Carbonated Basalts at Depth: Density, Compression Mechanisms, and Potential Buoyancy
Sanloup C, Crepisson C, Morard G, Bureau H, Prouteau G & PetitGirard S

(2012) Combining Experimental and Numerical Studies of Lunar Differentiation
van Westrenen W, de Vries J, van Kan Parker M, Tronche E, Rai N, van den Berg A, Sanloup C & Jacobs M

(2011) Compressibility Change in Fe-Rich Melt and Implications for Core Formation Models
Sanloup C, van Westrenen W, Dasgupta R, Maynard-Casely H & Perrillat J-P

(2007) Reactivity of Heavy Rare Gases with Silicates at Deep Earth Conditions
Sanloup C, Schmidt B, Agnès D, Gudfinnsson G & Mezouar M

(2002) High Pressure Investigation of Xe-Compounds Relevant for the Earth
Sanloup C, Hemley RJ, Mao H-K & Jambon A

(2000) Evidence for Extinct 92Nb Radioactivity in Chondrites and SNC Meteorites
Sanloup C, Blichert-Toft J, Télouk P, Gillet P & Albarède F

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