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All abstracts by Michael Sander in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Redox Properties of Particulate Organic Matter from Northern Peatlands
Joshi P, Schroth M & Sander M

(2018) Changing Redox Properties of Organic Matter in Response to Long-Term Soil Warming
LaCroix R, Walpen N, Tfaily M, Sander M, Blanchard J & Keiluweit M

(2017) Electrochemical Characterisation of Microbial Fe(III) Reduction
Brown A, Aeppli M, Voegelin A, Sander M & Hofstetter T

(2017) Assessing Iron Oxide Reduction Using Mediated Electrochemical Analysis
Aeppli M, Brown AR, Voegelin A, Hofstetter TB & Sander M

(2017) Assessing Redox Properties of Birnessite Minerals Using ABTS
Benkaddour S, Sander M & Peña J

(2015) Determining Redox Capacaties of Boom Clay Material by Using an Electrochemical Approach
Hoving A, Behrends T, Sander M, Maes N & Bruggeman C

(2015) From Lab to Field: Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Redox Dynamics of Geochemical Phases
Lau MP, Sander M & Hupfer M

(2015) Enzymatic Oxidation of Phenolic Moieties in Dissolved Organic Matter
Sander M, Klüpfel L & Walpen N

(2015) Particulate Organic Matter in Northern Peatlands as a Terminal Electron Acceptor
Jacobson K, Klüpfel L & Sander M

(2013) Quantification of Organic Matter Redox States by Mediated Electrochemical Analysis
Sander M, Klüpfel L, Piepenbrock A, Kappler A & Aeschbacher M

(2013) Redox Characterization of Fe-Bearing Clay Minerals Using Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Techniques
Gorski C, Klüpfel L, Voegelin A, Sander M & Hofstetter T

(2013) Adsorption of MS2 Virus to Natural Organic Matter and Model Surfaces
Armanious A, Sigstam T, Kohn T & Sander M

(2011) An Electrochemical Approach to Determine the Redox Properties of Iron-Bearing Clay Minerals
Gorski C, Sander M, Aeschbacher M, Klüpfel L & Hofstetter T

(2011) Electron Donating Properties of Humic Substances and Implications for Pollutant Phototransformation
Sander M, Wenk J, Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP, von Gunten U, Salhi E & Canonica S

(2011) Electron and Proton Transfer Equilibria of Reducible Moieties in Humic Substances
Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Importance of Soil Organic Matter to Sorption of Insecticidal Cry Proteins
Tomaszewski JE, Madliger M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Electrochemical Characterization of Humic Substance Redox Properties
Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Effect of Humic Acid Redox Status on the Sorption of Organic Pollutants
Aeschbacher M, Brunner S, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Adsorption of Transgenic Cry1Ab Protein to the Silica-Water Interface
Madliger M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

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