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All abstracts by Karina Krarup Sand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Kinetics of DNA Adsorption and Desorption from Goethite
Jelavić S, Quesada Sanz J, Persson P & Sand KK

(2020) Survival of Environmental DNA in Natural Environments and Implications for the Evolution of Life
Dieudonné L, Sanz JQ, Jelavić S & Sand KK

(2019) Mimicking Biomineralisation Using Peptoid Templating
Nielsen AR, Dideriksen K, Mitchell A, Zuckermann R & Sand KK

(2019) Mineral Facilitated Horizontal Gene Transfer: A New Principle for Evolution of Life?
Sand KK & Jelavic S

(2019) Alginate Impacts on Hematite Crystallisation and Bioreduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Weihe SHC, Mangayayam MC, Sand KK & Tobler DJ

(2013) The Role of pH and Simple Organic Molecules in Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Structure
Tobler DJ, Sand KK, Dideriksen K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Sørensen HO & Stipp SLS

(2013) Calcite Step Growth Velocities; A Function of Saturation Index and the Ca2+ to CO32- Activity Ratio
Sand KK, Tobler DJ, Larsen KK, Makovicky E & Stipp SLS

(2013) Calcite Scaling: Growth Inhibition by Mg2+, SO42- and Mg2+ + SO42-
Nielsen MR, Sand KK & Stipp SLS

(2013) Correlation between Crystallization Patterns and Diurnal Growth Bands in Scleractinian Corals
van de Locht R, Verch A, Saunders M, Sand K & Kroger R

(2012) When the Surface is not What you Think it is
Stipp SLS, Hassenkam T, Yang M, Skovbjerg LL, Sand KK, Pasarin I & Bohr J

(2011) CaCO3 Polymorph Growth and Stabilization in Water-Ethanol Mixtures
Sand K, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Makovicky E, Benning L & Stipp S

(2009) The Influence of Ethanol Adsorption on the {10¯14} Calcite Surface
Sand K, Cooke D, Hassenkam T, Yang M, Makovicky E, Bechgaard K & Stipp S

(2007) Archetypal Archean Lithosphere from West Greenland Implicates Shallow Melting at >3.0Ga
Wittig N, Webb M, Pearson G, Nowell G, Jensen S & Sand K

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