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All abstracts by Scott Samson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Beyond the Zircon Bar Code: Geochronology, Thermochronology and Isotope Composition of Detrital Monazite and Apatite
Samson S, Kittross S & Moecher D

(2018) Multichronometers of Detrital Accessory Minerals – Implications for Provenance Studies
Samson S, Bonich-Wissink M, Flowers R, Metcalf J & Fedo C

(2017) Inherited, Heated, Enriched or Recycled? Exploring Causes of the Extreme Zircon Fertility of Grenville (1.2 – 1.0 Ga) Granites
Samson S, Burk S & Moecher D

(2015) Detrital Garnet Geochronology as a Complement to Detrital Zircon and Monazite Ages from the French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Eccles-Maneiro K, Baxter E, Samson S & Marschall H

(2015) Detecting Magma-Poor Orogens in the Detrital Record: Advantages of the U-Pb Apatite System over Zircon
O'Sullivan G, Chew D & Samson S

(2015) The World According to Zircon – Monazite and Apatite Disagree
Samson S

(2012) Zircon, Zircon Everywhere: What Caused the Zircon Superfertility of Grenville Magmas?
Samson S, Satkoski A & Moecher D

(2011) Combined U-Pb Zircon Dating and Apatite Trace Element Compositions Applied to Paleozoic Tephrochronology
Sell B & Samson S

(2010) Insights into Ancient Magma Chamber Evolution Based on Sr and Nd Isotopic Composition of Apatite
Samson S & Dasgupta T

(2006) Isotopically juvenile, yet chemically evolved granites: A Neoproterozoic example from the Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Samson S

(2001) Hematite Dissolution Promoted by Carboxylate Ligands
Martin ST, Duckworth OW & Samson SD

(2000) Nonsteady State Hematite Dissolution: HAFM and STM Observations
Samson SD & Eggleston CM

(2000) A New Look at an Old Idea: The Structure of Oxide Mineral Surfaces and the Role of Metal Centers in Intermediate Co-ordination Environments as Adsorbed Ions
Eggleston C, Samson S, Higgins S, Stack A & Pribyl R

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