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All abstracts by Elias Samankassou in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Global Cr-Isotope Distributions in Surface Seawater and Incorporation of Cr Isotopes into Carbonate Shells
Paulukat C, Frei R, Voegelin AR & Samankassou E

(2014) Barium Isotopic Heterogeneity of Seawater Inferred from Coral Skeleton Data
Pretet C, Moeller K, Samankassou E, Reynaud S & Nägler TF

(2013) A Multi-Isotope (H, O, C, S, B, Mg, Ca, Ba) Approach to Study Diagenesis in Black Sea-Type Sediments
Böttcher ME, Lapham L, Gussone N, Struck U, Buhl D, Immenhauser A, Möller K, Petret C, Nägler T, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Huckriede H, Halas S & Samankassou E

(2012) A New Look on the Barium Cycle: Stable Barium Isotope Fractionation in ODP Sediments and Calibration Experiments
Bottcher ME, von Allmen K, Paytan A, Neubert N, Brumsack H-J, Samankassou E & Nagler TF

(2009) Ca-Isotopes in Recent and Ancient Cements and Microbial Precipitates
von Allmen K, Nägler TF & Samankassou E

(2008) Mo Isotopic Composition of Pelagic Ooze from ODP Legs 198 and 208: Investigating a Global Signature
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF & Samankassou E

(2007) Non-Skeletal Carbonate Precipitates: Indicators of Molybdenum Isotopic Seawater Composition?
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Samankassou E, Bahamonde JR & Villa IM

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