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All abstracts by Nita Sahai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Photocatalytic Mineral-Promoted Protometabolic Pathway
Dalai P & Sahai N

(2019) RNA Adsorption and Polymerization: Mineral Surface-Catalyzed Non-Enzymatic Polymerization of Ribonuleotides
Kaddour H, Dalai P & Sahai N

(2015) Potential Synergism and Mutualism in the Origins of Life: A One-Pot Experimental Approach to Non-Enzymatic RNA and Peptide Polymerization
Kaddour H, Dalai P, Estrada C & Sahai N

(2015) Formation and Stability of Model Membranes in Geochemical Environments
Dalai P, Estrada C, Kaddour H, Bass G & Sahai N

(2015) Nanoscale Investigation of Hydroxylapatite Formation in Alligator Gar Fish Scale
Livi K, Remasse Q, Bouchet-Marquis C, Mcclellan P, Lafferty B, Seiter J, Chen L, Landin T, Landis W, Sahai N, Brydson R & Hodo W

(2014) Molecular Dynamics Structural Analysis of Calcium Phosphate Clusters Nucleated in Collagen Fibril Hole Zones
Xu Z, Zhao W, Wang Z, Cui Q & Sahai N

(2014) High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Structure of Collagen Fibrils and Its Role in Vertebrate Skeletal Biomineralization
Xu Z, Yang Y, Zhao W, Wang Z, Landis W, Cui Q & Sahai N

(2014) Identifying Habitable Environments for Prebiotic Model Protocells
Sahai N & Maurer S

(2014) Bone Biomineralization and Regeneration
Sahai N

(2013) Ca2+ and Phosphate Ion Transport to and Calcium Phosphate Cluster Nucleation within Collagen Fibrils In Bone Biomineralization
Xu Z, Zhao W, Yang Y, Cui Q & Sahai N

(2012) Was Mineral Surface Toxicty an Impetus for Evolution of Bacterial Extra-Cellular Polymeric Substances (EPS)?
Sahai N, Xu J, Zhu C, Zhang N & Hickey W

(2009) Oxide Charge and Electric-Double Layer Control on Phospholipid Adsorption and Self-Assembly at Oxide Surfaces
Oleson T & Sahai N

(2009) Oxide Dependent Adhesion of the Jurkat Line of T-Lymphocytes
Stevens M, Donato L, Lower S & Sahai N

(2009) Interaction of Prion Protein, Pentapeptide and Lysine with Soil Clays
Charlet L, Brendle J, Hureau C, Chapron Y & Sahai N

(2009) Molecular Simulations of Succinate Adsorption at Steps on Calcite {104}
Mkhonto D & Sahai N

(2008) Nanominerals, Mineral Nanoparticles, and Earth Systems
Hochella, Jr. M, Lower S, Maurice P, Penn L, Sahai N, Sparks D & Twining B

(2005) Identification of Active Site and Reaction Mechanism for Epitaxial Apatite Nucleation at the Pseudowollastonite Bioceramic-Bone Interface
Sahai N & Anseau M

(2005) Amorphous Oligomer Nucleation and Aggregation Mechanism for Biomineralization
Sahai N & Delak K

(2005) Phospholipid Self-Assembly at Oxide Surfaces
Oleson T & Sahai N

(2004) Membranolytic Ability of Oxides Depends on Crystal Chemistry and Dielectric Constants Through Interfacial Solvation
Sahai N

(2002) Kinetic Effects of Mg<sup>2+</sup> On Heterogeneous Apatite Nucelation at Amorphous Silica Surfaces
Sahai N

(2001) Do Hypervalent Silicate Complexes Exist in Aqueous Solution?
Sahai N & Tossell JA

(2000) Calculating the Acidity of Silanol Groups on Silicate Oligomers and Silicate Surfaces
Tossell J & Sahai N

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