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All abstracts by Bradley Sageman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Stable Ca and Sr Isotopes Indicate Biocalcification Crisis during OAE1a
Wang J, Jacobson A, Sageman B & Hurtgen M

(2016) A Permo-Triassic Ca Isotope Record from Meishan, China
Wang J, Jacobson A, Zhang H, Ramezani J, Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Bowring S & Shen S

(2014) Response of the Cr Isotope Proxy to Ocean Anoxic Event 2
Holmden C, Jacobson AD, Sageman BB & Hurtgen M

(2013) Perturbation to the Marine Ca Isotope Cycle Across Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Du Vivier A, Jacobson A, Lehn G, Selby D & Sageman B

(2011) Stable Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy and Implications for Global Carbon Cycling, Cretaceous Western Interior Basin
Joo YJ, Hurtgen M & Sageman B

(2010) Linkage of Terrestrial & Marine Records during OAE2 (94Ma)
Barclay R, McElwain J & Sageman B

(2010) Volcanic Activation of Biogeochemical Cascade Regulates Oceanic Anoxic Event 2
Adams D, Hurtgen M & Sageman B

(2010) Hydrothermal Contributions to Oceanic Anoxic Event 2? – Evidence from Trace Metals
Li X, Severmann S, Owens J & Sageman B

(2009) OAE’s and the Interdependence of P, N and Trace Metals
Sageman B, Hurtgen M, Adams D, Barclay R & Joo YJ

(2009) Stomatal Index Based pCO2 Reconstruction and Terrestrial δ13C Record for OAE2 (94Ma)
Barclay R, McElwain J & Sageman B

(2003) Role of Sulfate Reduction in Organic Matter Degradation and Molybdenum Accumulation: Theoretical Framework and Application to Cenomanian-Turonian Organic Matter Burial Event
Sageman B, Meyers S & Lyons T

(2003) Covarying Molybdenum and Organic Carbon Distributions in Organic-Rich Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
Lyons T, Anbar A, Gill B, Meyers S, Sageman B & Cruse A

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