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All abstracts by Roberta L. Rudnick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Role of Continental Crust in the Global Halogen Cycle: Insights from Halogen Concentrations (F, Cl, Br, and I) of Ancient Glacial Deposits
Han P-Y, Rudnick RL, He T, Marks MAW, Wang S-J, Gaschnig RM & Hu Z-C

(2022) The Evolution of K/Ca in the Upper Continental Crust Constrained from Ca Isotopic Measurements of Glacial Diamictites
Haldar U, Chakrabarti R & Rudnick RL

(2022) It’s Cold in Siberia: Low Crustal Heat Production in the Siberian Craton Constrained by Xenolith Petrochronology
Apen F, Rudnick R, Ionov D, Cottle J, Moyen J-F, Golovin A & Korsakov A

(2022) The Si Isotope Evolution of the Crust Recorded by Ancient Glacial Diamictites
Murphy M, Savage PS, Gardiner N, Prave T, Gaschnig RM & Rudnick R

(2022) Drivers of Titanium Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic Series: A Case Study of Rindjani Volcano, Indonesia
Johnson AC, Zhang ZJ, Dauphas N, Rudnick R & Foden J

(2022) Insights into the Picuris Orogeny from Sediments in the Lower Crust
Ringwood MF & Rudnick R

(2022) Titanium Transport and Isotopic Fractionation in the Critical Zone
Aarons S, Dauphas N, Greber ND, Roskosz M, Bouchez J, Liu X-M, Rudnick R & Gaillardet J

(2021) The Search for Preserved Late-Stage Accretionary Components in Terrestrial Materials
Bermingham KR, Walker RJ, Finlayson VA, Tornabene HA, Peters B, Day JMD, Rudnick RL, Nakanishi N, Jackson MG, Pearson DG & Schilling ME

(2021) Stable Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Chemical Weathering
Haldar U, Chakrabarti R & Rudnick RL

(2021) The Zirconium Isotope Composition of the Mantle and Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Tian S, Moynier F, Inglis E, Rudnick RL, Huang F, Chauvel C, Gaschnig RM, Creech J & Puchtel IS

(2018) Evaluating Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Subducting Slab Components in Aleutian Arc Lavas
Hanna H, Liu X-M, Park Y-R, Kay S & Rudnick R

(2018) Cause of Molybdenum Depletion in Granites
Toc M, Greaney A, Rudnick R & Foden J

(2018) Potassium Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust
Huang T-Y, Teng F-Z, Rudnick R, Chen X-Y, Hu Y, Liu Y-S & Wu F-Y

(2018) The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present
Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R

(2018) The Vanadium Isotope Evidence for Emergence of Felsic Crust after 3 Ga
Huang F, Tian S, Rudnick R, Qi Y, Wu F, Cai Y & Gaschnig R

(2018) Completing the Molybdenum Isotope Mass Balance in Subduction Zones
Greaney AT, Rudnick RL, Romaniello SJ & Anbar AD

(2018) Sulfide Weathering may Have Sustained Methanogenesis Across the Great Oxidation Event
Wasylenki L, Wang S-J, Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & Wang H

(2018) Thermal Evolution of the Mozambique Belt in Northern Tanzania: Accessory Phase U-Pb Depth Profiling
Apen F, Rudnick R & Cottle J

(2017) Constraints on the W Abundance of Upper Mantle from Xenolithic Peridotites
Rizo H, Rudnick RL, Walker RJ & Carlson RW

(2017) Ni Isotopic Composition of the Upper Continental Crust Through Time
Wang S, Wasylenki L, Rudnick R & Gaschnig R

(2017) Archean Ultra-Thick Crust Reflects Mantle Overturn in Early Earth
Tang M, Rudnick R, Lee C-T & Condie K

(2016) Non-Uniformitarian Continental Crust Formation
Rudnick R & Tang M

(2016) Crustal Sources of Molybdenum
Greaney A, Rudnick R & Gaschnig R

(2016) Mechanism of Li Diffusion in Zircon
Tang M, Rudnick R, McDonough W, Trail D & Bose M

(2016) Tracing the Secular Evolution of the Upper Continetnal Crust Using the Iron Isotope Composition of Glacial Diamictites
Liu X-M, Gaschnig R, Rudnick R, Hazen R & Shahar A

(2015) Europium Anomaly in the MORB Source Mantle

Tang M, McDonough W & Rudnick R

(2013) Re-investigating the Nitrogen Budget in the Upper Continental Crust
Cartigny P, Busigny V & Rudnick R

(2013) Lithium Isotopic Composition of the Tonga-Kermadec Arc and its Constraints on Subduction Recycling
Brens R, Liu X, Rudnick R, Tuner S & Rushmer T

(2013) Glacial Tillites Reveal Temporal Evolution of Upper Continental Crust
Rudnick R, Gaschnig R & McDonough W

(2013) A Reference Earth Model for the Heat Producing Elements and Associated Geoneutrino Flux
Huang Y, Chubakov V, Mantovani F, Rudnick R & McDonough W

(2013) Molybdenum in Ancient Glacial Tillites of Different Ages and its Bearing on Atmospheric Oxygenation
Gaschnig R, Rudnick R & McDonough W

(2012) Tracing Continental Weathering Using Li and Mg Isotopes: Insights from Rivers Draining the Columbia River Basalts
Liu X-M, Rudnick R, McDonough W & Teng F-Z

(2012) Novel Insights on a Traditional Proxy: Combining the Stable and Radiogenic Sr Isotope Systems to Characterise Continental Weathering
Pearce C, Parkinson I, Burton K, Stevenson E, Gaillardet J, Rudnick R, West J & Hammond D

(2012) Craton Formation
Rudnick R

(2012) Magnesium Isotopic Composition of the Lower Continental Crust: A Xenolith Perspective
Teng F-Z, Yang W & Rudnick R

(2012) Li and B Isotopic Composition of Basement Rocks, Dawn Lake Area, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan
Millar R, Annesley IR, Rudnick RL, Liu X & Ansdell K

(2011) The Lithium Isotopic Signature of Carbonatites
Halama R, McDonough WF, Rudnick RL & Bell K

(2011) Comparative Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf-Os Isotopic Systematics of Xenolithic Peridotites from Yangyuan, North China Craton
Liu J, Carlson R, Rudnick R, Walker R, Wu F & Gao S

(2010) Thermal History and Origin of the Tanzanian Craton from Pb Isotope Thermochronology of Feldspars from Lower Crustal Xenoliths
Bellucci J, McDonough W & Rudnick R

(2010) A Li Isotopic Study of an Accretionary Prism, the Low-Grade Otago Schist, New Zealand
Qiu L, Rudnick RL, Ague JJ & McDonough WF

(2010) Slow Cooling in the Lowermost Crust of a Continent-Continent Collision: Evidence from Accessory Phase U-Pb Thermochronology of Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Mozambique Belt, Tanzania
Blondes M, Rudnick R, Ramezani J, Piccoli P & Bowring S

(2010) Low δ7Li Regolith Produced during Basalt Weathering: A Case Study from the Columbia River Basalts
Liu X-M, Rudnick RL, McDonough WF & Cummings M

(2010) Melting and Refertilization in Peridotites: What Happens to Os?
Rudnick R & Walker R

(2010) Os Isotope Evidence for Diachronous Formation of Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton
Liu J, Rudnick R, Walker R, Gao S, Wu F, Xu W & Xu Y

(2009) Recycled Lower Continental Crust: Re-Os Isotopic Evidence from Peridotite Xenoliths Entrained by Mesozoic High-Mg Diorites in the Eastern North China Craton
Xu W-L, Gao S, Yang D-B, Yuan H-L, Rudnick RL & Walker RJ

(2008) Lithospheric Mantle Sources within the East African Rift, Tanzania
Aulbach S, Rudnick R & McDonough W

(2008) Lithium in Jack Hills Zircon: Evidence for Extreme Weathering of Earth’s Crust at 4300 Ma
Ushikubo T, Kita NT, Cavosie AJ, Wilde SA, Rudnick RL & Valley JW

(2007) Li Isotope Fractionation in the Subducted Slab – A Case Study from the Raspas Complex, Ecuador
Halama R, John T, Schenk V, McDonough WF & Rudnick RL

(2007) Fluid-Rock Interactions Recorded by Kinetic Fractionation of Li Isotopes
Rudnick R, McDonough W, Teng F-Z & Marks M

(2007) Kinetic Li Isotopic Fractionation in the Alkaline Plutonic Ilímaussaq Complex, South Greenland
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, McCammon C, Vennemann T & Markl G

(2007) Recycling Deep Cratonic Lithosphere and Generation of Intraplate Magmatism
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu W-L, Yuan H-L, Liu Y-S, Puchtel I, Liu X-M, Huang H & Wang X-R

(2007) Sodic Pyroxene and Sodic Amphibole as Potential Micro-Analytical Reference Material for Li Isotopes
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, Ludwig T, Marschall H, Zack T, Halama R, McDonough WF, Rost D, Wenzel T & Vicenzi EP

(2006) Lithospheric Evolution of the North China Craton: Evidence from high-Mg adakitic rocks and their entrained xenoliths
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu WL, Yuan HL, Hu ZC & Liu XM

(2006) Re-Os evidence for age and origin of peridotites from the Dabie-Sulu UHP belt
Yuan H, Gao S, Rudnick RL, Jin Z & Walker RJ

(2006) Origins of non-equilibrium lithium isotope fractionation in xenolithic peridotite minerals
Aulbach S & Rudnick R

(2006) Diffusion-driven lithium isotope fractionation: models and implications
Teng F-Z, McDonough W & Rudnick R

(2005) Lithium Isotopic Fractionation in Pegmatites
Teng F, McDonough W, Rudnick R & Walker R

(2005) Regionally Extensive Light Lithium in Mantle Lithosphere of Far East Russia
Rudnick R & Ionov D

(2003) The Role of Lower Crustal Recycling in Continent Formation
Rudnick R & Gao S

(2003) Lithium Isotopic Fractionation during Continental Weathering
Njo H, Rudnick R & Tomascak P

(2002) Evidence for Li Isotope Fractionation during Subduction
Zack T, Tomascak PB, McDonough WF, Rudnick RL & Dalpe C

(2001) Re-Os Evidence for Replacement of the Original Mantle Lithosphere of the Archean North China Craton
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Carlson RW & McDonough WF

(2001) Li Isotope Fractionation during Slab Dehydration? Implications from Studies of Subduction-Related Eclogites and Associated Garnet Mica Schists
Zack T, Tomascak P, Rudnick RL & McDonough WF

(2000) The Role of Lithospheric Mantle in Continent Stability: Re-Os Isotopic Mapping of the Upper Mantle in Southwestern USA
Lee C, Yin Q, Rudnick R & Jacobsen S

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