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All abstracts by Christian Ruby in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Transformation of Siderite/Magnetite Corrosion Bilayers to Mackinawite and Greigite by Nitrate-Reducing Bacteria (Klebsiella mobilis)
Etique M, Romaine A, Ruby C, Refait P & Jorand FPA

(2016) Reactivity of Chemically and Biologically Synthesized Green Rusts Towards Anionic, Neutral, and Cationic Pollutants (NO3−, Methylred, Hg2+)
Etique M, Ruby C & Jorand FPA

(2014) Bioreduction of Magnetite to Green Rust by Shewanella putrefaciens in the Presence of H2
Etique M, Jorand FPA, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C

(2014) Effect of Electron Donor on Green Rust Formation by Klebsiella mobilis, a Nitrate-Reducing Bacterium
Etique M, Jorand FPA, Grégoire B, Despas C & Ruby C

(2014) Biogenic Green Rust: A Backbone of the Iron Biogeochemical Cycle
Jorand FPA, Etique M & Ruby C

(2014) Nitrate Reduction by Fe(II)-Fe(III) Green Rust: The Key Role of Phosphate Anions
Ruby C, Etique M, Grégoire B, Zegeye A & Carteret C

(2013) Nanoscale Probing of the Reactivity of Biologically Versus Chemically Formed Green Rusts
Zegeye A, Etique M, Schaaf P, Ruby C & Francius G

(2012) In situ Monitoring of Lepidocrocite Bio-Reduction and Magnetite Formation by Backscattering Mossbauer Spectroscopy
Zegeye A, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C

(2011) Redox Reactions of FeII-Iii Oxyhydroxycarbonate Minerals in Gleysols, Fougèrite, Trébeurdenite and Mössbauerite, and Water Denitrification
Génin J-M, Guérin O, Kuzmann E & Ruby C

(2010) Magnetite Formation via FeII Induced Mineralogical Transformations of Ferric Oxyhydroxides
Usman M, Hanna K, Abdelmoula M & Ruby C

(2009) Arsenite Sequestration by Fe(II)-Containing Minerals after Microbial Dissimilatory Reduction of Arsenic-Sorbed Lepidocrocite
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Abdelmoula M, Ruby C, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown GE

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