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All abstracts by Olivier Rouxel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Zn and S Isotope Exchange between Sphalerite and Hydrothermal Fluid
Syverson D, Ono S, Rouxel O, Scheuermann P, Xing Y & Seyfried W

(2020) Sources and Cycling of Germanium Isotopes in Aquatic Systems
Rouxel O & Baronas J

(2019) Geochemistry of Deep Subseafloor Hydrothermal Fluids at Brothers Volcano
McDermott JM, Rouxel O, Schlicht LEM, Bach W, Stucker VK, de Ronde CEJ, Massiot C & Scientists E3

(2019) What Happens to Hydrothermal Sediment? A Diagenetic Study along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Pastor L, Rouxel O, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Cheron S, Hubert M, Djedjroh Y, Cathalot C, Pelleter E, Roussel E, Cambon Bonavita M-A & Menot L

(2019) Copper Isotope Systematics of Hydrothermal Sediments from TAG and Snake Pit Fields, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Djedjroh Y, Rouxel O, Cathalot C, Pastor L, Besson F, Germain Y, Boissier A, Leroy L, Cheron S, Pelleter E & Cambon MA

(2019) Boron Isotopes in Hydrothermally Altered Crust of the Brothers Volcano (Kermadec Arc, New Zealand)
Schlicht L, Rouxel O, Meixner A, Kasemann S & Bach W

(2019) Geochemical Mass Balance during Hydrothermal Alteration of Subseafloor Volcanic Rocks at Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc
Rouxel O, Schlicht L, Kutovaya A, McDermott J, Samin A, Djedjroh Y, Germain Y & Leroy L

(2018) Triple Iron Isotope Variations in Archean Ocean Sediments
Heard A, Dauphas N, Rouxel O & Nie N

(2018) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Iron-Organic Matter Associations: Experimental Evidence Using Filtration and Ultrafiltration
Lotfi Kalahroodi E, Pierson-Wichmann A-C, Guénet H, Rouxel O, Ponzevera E, Bouhnik-Lecoz M, Vantelon D & Davranche M

(2016) Trace Element Partitioning between ‘black Smoker’ Fluids and Minerals
Evans G, Tivey M, Seewald J, Rouxel O & Monteleone B

(2016) Germanium Stable Isotopes (δ74Ge) in Weathering: Is There Potential for Paleo-Weathering Reconstruction?
Baronas JJ, Hammond DE, Rouxel O, West AJ, Torres M, Opfergelt S, Burton K, James R, Pogge von Strandmann P, Monteverde D, Gaillardet J, Bouchez J & Galy V

(2015) Multiple Sources of Metals in Seafloor Hydrothermal FeMn Deposits: A Case Study at Utu'Uli, Pacific Ocean
Pelleter E, Rouxel O, Fouquet Y, Josso P, Germain Y, Cheron S & Etoubleau J

(2015) Seafloor Hydrothermal Deposits: Modern Analogues for Precambrian Iron Formations
Rouxel O, Bekker A, Slack J & Glazer B

(2015) A Geochemical Budget of 8 Myrs of Oxidative Ocean Basement Alteration
Bach W, Rouxel O, Nakamura K, Türke A & Klügel A

(2015) Origin and Significance of Paleoproterozoic Redbeds in the FA Formation, Franceville Basin, Gabon: Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints
Bankole O, El Albani A, Rouxel O, Ngombi-Pemba L, Bekker A & Gauthier-Lafaye F

(2015) Dissolved Mo in the Archean Oceans – A Case Study from the 2.63 Ga Jeerinah Formation, Australia
Asael D, Rouxel O, Bekker A & Scott C

(2014) Nickel Isotopes Fate in an Ultramafic Complex
Ratié G, Jouvin D, Garnier J, Rouxel O, Miska S, Guimaraes E, Sivry Y, Emmanuelle M-P, Zelano I & Quantin C

(2013) Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Systematics of Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Rouxel O

(2013) Ferromanganese Crusts as Proxies for Deep Water Ni, Cu, Zn and Fe Isotope Variations
Gueguen B, Rouxel O & Fouquet Y

(2013) Establishment of Euxinic Oceanic Conditions Following the Lomagundi Event
Ngombi-Pemba L, Canfield DE, Hammarlund EU, Bengtson S, Pierson-Wickmann A-C, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Rouxel O & El Albani A

(2012) Germanium and Silicon Isotopic Evolution of Seawater Inferred from Precambrian Iron Formations
Lalonde S, Konhauser K & Rouxel O

(2012) In situ Fe and Multiple S Isotope Analyses of an Archean Pyrite Nodule
Marin-Carbonne J, Rollion-Bard C, Hofmann A, Thomassot E, McKeegan K, Bekker A & Rouxel O

(2012) Coupled Fe and S-Isotope Composition of Sedimentary Pyrite: Implications for Precambrian Ocean Chemistry and Isotope Biosignatures
Rouxel O & Bekker A

(2012) Large Mo Isotope Variations Before the Great Oxidation Event
Asael D, Rouxel O, Bekker A & Scott C

(2012) Deep Sea Metalliferous Deposits as Modern Analogues for Ancient Marine Environments
Rouxel O, Resnais Y, Callac N & Anschutz P

(2012) Coupled Ge/Si and Ge Isotope Ratios as New Geochemical Tracers of Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems: A Case Study at Loihi Seamount
Escoube R, Rouxel OJ & Donard OFX

(2012) Measuring the Speciation of Iron in Hydrothermal Plume Particles
Toner B, Breier J, Edwards K, Fakra S, German C, Marcus M & Rouxel O

(2011) Molybdenum Isotopes as Oceanic Paleoredox Proxy of the Paleoproterozoic Shunga Event
Asael D, Rouxel O, Reinhard C, Lyons T & Kump L

(2011) Sulfur and Strontium Isotope Study of Hydrothermal Mineralization from the SE Afar Rift
Moussa N, Rouxel O, Nonnotte P, Fouquet Y, Ponzevera E & Etoubleau J

(2011) Ni Speciation and Isotope Fractionation in Marine Ferromangenese Deposits
Sorensen J, Toner B, Gueguen B & Rouxel O

(2011) Molybdenum and Vanadium Abundances in Banded Iron Formation and the Onset of Oxidative Continental Weathering
Lalonde S, Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Pecoits E & Konhauser K

(2011) Chromium Enrichment in Iron Formations Record Earth’s First Acid Rock Drainage during the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Lalonde S, Planavsky N, Pecoits E, Lyons T, Mojzsis S, Rouxel O, Barley M, Rosiere C, Fralick P, Kump L & Bekker A

(2010) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Evidence for Deep Biosphere in Altered Oceanic Basalt and Peridotite Basement Rocks
Ono S, Keller N, Rouxel O & Alt J

(2009) Iron Oxides, Dissolved Silica, and Regulation of Marine P Concentration
Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Bekker A, Reinhard C & Lyons T

(2009) Iron Cycling at an Ultradiffuse Seafloor Hydrothermal System at the Base of Loihi Seamount: A Seafloor Expression of the Subsurface
Glazer B & Rouxel O

(2009) Development of a Hyphenated Technique (HG-ICP-MS/HG-MC-ICP-MS) for Isotopic Study of Germanium Species
Escoube R, Epov V, Berail S, Tessier E, Amouroux D, Perrot V, Rouxel O & Donard O

(2009) Sulfur Isotope Evidence for Microbial Sulfate Reduction in Altered Oceanic Basalts
Rouxel O, Alt J, Ono S, Honnorez J & Shimizu N

(2008) Sources and Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron Isotopes in Marine Environments
Rouxel O

(2008) Rare Earth Element Evidence for Redox Structure Evolution
Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Bekker A & Lyons T

(2008) Sulfidic Organic-Rich Shales in the Archean Low-Sulfate Ocean: Evidence for Transient Oxygenated Conditions, Enhanced Volcanism, or Low Sedimentation Rates?
Bekker A, Hofmann A, Rumble D & Rouxel O

(2008) Measurement of Germanium Isotope Composition in Marine Samples by Hydride Generation Coupled to MC-ICP-MS
Rouxel O, Escoube R & Donard O

(2008) Sea-Floor Weathering of Hydrothermal Chimney Sulfides at the East Pacific Rise 9N: Chemical Speciation and Isotopic Signature of Iron Using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Laser-Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Toner B, Rouxel O, Santelli C & Edwards K

(2006) Seafloor weathering of hydrothermal chimney sulfide minerals from East Pacific Rise 9o N: an X-ray absorption spectroscopic study
Santelli C, Toner B, Rouxel O & Edwards K

(2005) Iron Isotope Constraints on the Archean and Paleoproterozoic Ocean Redox State
Rouxel O, Bekker A & Edwards K

(2004) Ge/Si and Ge Isotope Systematic in Marine Sediments
Rouxel O, Galy A & Elderfield H

(2004) Cd Isotopic Composition of Geological / Environmental Reference Materials and Anthropogenic Samples
Cloquet C, Carignan J, Rouxel O & Libourel G

(2002) Abiotic or Biotic Iron Isotope Fractionation during Oceanic Crust Alteration ?
Rouxel O & Ludden J

(2000) Natural Variations of Selenium Isotopes Determined by Multicollector Plasma Source Mass Spectrometry: Application to Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Rouxel O, Ludden J, Fouquet Y & Carignan J

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