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All abstracts by Lothar Rottmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) LASS: Laser Ablation Simultaneous Sampling with ICP-Q-Ms and ICP-Sf-Ms Detection for Isotopic and Elemental Mapping
Wills J, Lindemann T, Rottmann L & Shuttleworth S

(2014) High Throughput, High Sensitivity Quadrupole ICP-MS Analysis of Geological Samples after Preparation by Lithium Metaborate Fusion
Wills J & Rottmann L

(2013) LA-Icpms2: Laser Ablation Sampling with Combined ICP-Q-Ms and MC-ICP-MS Detection for Simultaneous Trace Elemental and Isotope Ration Analyses
Wills J, Lloyd NS, Rottmann L, Bouman C & Shuttleworth S

(2010) Breakthrough in Sensitivity for Elemental and Isotopic Analysis
Hamester M, Lindemann T, Wills J & Rottmann L

(2005) ELEMENT XR: Increased Linear Dynamic Detection Range Sector Field ICP-MS for Geological Applications
Wills J, Hamester M & Rottmann L

(2001) MC-ICPMS — High Resolution Isotope Ratio Measurements of Fe and Ca
Weyer S, Schwieters J, Hamester M, Jung G, Pesch R & Rottmann L

(2000) Neptune: A New High Precision Multicollector ICP Mass Spectrometer
Schwieters J, Hamester M, Jung G, Pesch R, Rottmann L, Tuttas D & Wills J

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