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All abstracts by Detlef Rost in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Isotopic Compositions of Presolar SiC: First Measurements with CHILI
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Trappitsch R & Savina M

(2014) CHILI: Is it Ready Yet?
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2013) The Chicago Instrument for Laser Ionization: Progress and Promise
Davis A, Stephan T, Pellin M, Rost D, Savina M, Trappitsch R & Liu N

(2010) Quantifying Boron in Natural Type IIb Blue Diamonds
Gaillou E, Rost D, Post J & Butler J

(2008) C60 TOF-SIMS: A Tool for High-Resolution Mapping of Elements and Organic Compounds
Rost D, Henkel T, King A & Lyon I

(2007) In situ Geochemical Data from Metamorphic Rocks in the Active Mariana Subduction Zone
Pabst S, Zack T, Savov I, Rost D & Vicenzi E

(2007) Sodic Pyroxene and Sodic Amphibole as Potential Micro-Analytical Reference Material for Li Isotopes
Marks MAW, Rudnick RL, Ludwig T, Marschall H, Zack T, Halama R, McDonough WF, Rost D, Wenzel T & Vicenzi EP

(2005) Carbonate-Silicate Assemblages in the Lafayette Martian Meteorite
Rost D & Vicenzi E

(2005) Hyperspectral Data Analysis of Martian Meteorite Alteration: A Tool for Constraining Surface Processes on Mars?
Vicenzi E & Rost D

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