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All abstracts by Minik T. Rosing in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Eoarchean Iron Metabolism?
Hassenkam T, Tsai E, Osholm H, Dalby K, Mackenzie D, Holler M, Ferreira D, Grolimund D, Bruns S & Rosing M

(2020) Characterization of Glacial Rock Flour and Assessment of its Enhanced Weathering Potential
Ray Sarkar S, Jessen S, Vester-Ebbesen A, Keulen N, Dideriksen K & Rosing MT

(2017) Hf-Nd Isotope and Platinum Group Element Patterns of >3.8 Ga Mantle Peridotites from SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Li C, Wang Z, Becker H & Rosing MT

(2017) Elements of Eoarchean Life Trapped in Mineral Inclusions
Hassenkam T, Andersson MP, Dalby KN & Rosing MT

(2017) Trace Elemental and Hf-Isotope Data for Felsic-Mafic Mingling Zone of the Isua Supracrustal Belt
Boyd AJ, Rosing MT & Münker C

(2017) Hadean Mantle Differentiation and Early Onset of Plate Tectonics: Evidence from ISB, SW Greenland
Saji NS, Wielandt D, Schiller M, Larsen K, Rosing M & Bizzarro M

(2015) The Origin of > 3, 8 Ga Peridotites, South of Isua Region, SW Greenland
van de Löcht J, Münker C, Hoffmann JE, Kleinschrodt R, Garbe-Schönberg D & Rosing MT

(2015) Pb-Isotopic Evidence from Isua for Two Interacting Hadean-Archaean Mantle Reservoirs
Boyd AJ & Rosing M

(2015) A Model for the Genesis of Metasomatic Fluids Associated with Orogenic Gold Deposition
Pope EC, Rosing MT & Bird DK

(2014) Multiple Early Earth Differentiation Events Revealed by 142Nd, 182W, and HSE Abundances in Isua Samples
Rizo H, Walker RJ, Carlson RW, Horan M, Touboul M, Puchtel IS, Boyet M & Rosing M

(2014) Sulfur Isotopes Establish a Context for Early Life: Insights from >3.7 Ga Metasediments from Isua, Greenland
Harms B, Rosing M & Farquhar J

(2012) Building Eoarchean Crust: The Arc Tholeiite TTG Connection
Hoffmann JE, Munker C, Nagel TJ, Naeraa T, Polat A & Rosing MT

(2012) Hf Isotope Evidence for a Transition in the Geodynamics of Continental Growth after 3.2 Ga
Naeraa T, Schersten A, Rosing M, Kemp T, Hoffmann E, Kokfelt T & Whitehouse M

(2012) Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Earth's Early Mafic Crust: A Comparison between Nuvvuagittuq and Isua Greenstone Belt Metavolcanic Rocks
O'Neil J, Rizo H, Boyet M, Carlson R & Rosing M

(2012) Early Mantle Dynamics Inferred from 142Nd Variations in Archean Rocks from Southwest Greenland
Rizo H, Boyet M, Blichert-Toft J, Rosing M & Paquette J-L

(2011) Sulfide Mineralogy of West Greenland Kimberlitic Mantle Xenoliths
Mondal SK, Bernstein S & Rosing MT

(2011) Stable Isotope Composition and Volume of Early Archaean Oceans
Pope E, Rosing M & Bird D

(2009) Geochemistry of Mesoarchean Sukinda Chromite Deposits (India): Implications for Gabbro-Breccia Hosted PGE Mineralization
Khatun S, Mondal SK, Balaram V, Rosing MT & Frei R

(2009) Do δ98Mo Values in Marine Euxinic Sediments Reflect Seawater?
Dahl TW, Anbar A, Gordon G, Rosing MT, Frei RE & Canfield DE

(2009) The Origin of TTGs Inferred from High-Precision HFSE Measurements
Hoffmann JE, Münker C, Rosing MT, Næraa T, Garde AA & Garbe-Schönberg D

(2008) Molybdenum Isotope Variations in a Redox-Stratified Lake; Removal Mechanism and Preservation in Euxinic Sediments
Dahl TW, Anbar AD, Gordon GW, Rosing MT, Frei RE & Canfield DE

(2007) Constraints on Atmospheric H2 from Banded Iron Formations
Rosing M & Bird D

(2007) The δ18O of the Ocean at 3.8 Ga
Muehlenbachs K, Furnes H, De Wit M, Rosing M & Staudigel H

(2004) Early Archaean Oxygenic Photosynthesis and the Stabilization of the Continents
Rosing M

(2004) Heavy Metal Enrichment in Archean Carbon-Rich Samples: Hint to Early Carbon-Metal Compounds for Enzime Formation?
Kakegawa T, Ohtomo Y, Nakazawa H & Rosing M

(2003) Search for Extraterrestrial Components in ~3.8 Ga Metamorphosed Sediments from the Isua Supracrustal Belt (W Greenland) – No Evidence from Cr Isotopes so Far
Frei R, Schoenberg R & Rosing M

(2003) The Search for Organic Biomarkers in >3700 Ma Metasedimentary Rocks from Isua, West Greenland
Rosing M, Bojesen G & Mathez E

(2003) Mg Isotope Study of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
Bizzarro M, Baker J, Haack H & Rosing M

(2002) 142Nd Anomaly Confirmed at Isua
Boyet M, Abarede F, Telouk P & Rosing M

(2002) >3700 Ma Oxidized Ocean Water, Pb Isotopic Evidence from Isua, West Greenland
Rosing MT & Frei R

(2001) In Search for 142Nd Anomalies in Isua Amphibolites, West Greenland
Boyet M, Albarède F, Télouk P & Rosing M

(2000) Getting out of the Extreme: Possible Indications of Pre-3700 Ma Oxygenic Photosynthesis from Isua, West Greenland
Rosing M & Frei R

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