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All abstracts by Estelle F. Rose-Koga in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Trace Element Signature of Ecuadorian Magma: Slab or Crustal Origin
Narváez DFF, Samaniego P, Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Hidalgo S & Ratzov G

(2021) Magma Decompression Rate Calculations with EMBER: A User‐friendly Software to Model Diffusion of H2O, CO2 and S in Melt Embayments
Georgeais G, Koga KT, Moussallam Y & Rose-Koga EF

(2019) Common Melt Inclusions Formation during Cumulate Olivine Remobilization
Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Nichols A & Le Lay C

(2019) Si Isotopes and Small Scale Processes in Olivine Hosted Melt Inclusions
Le Lay C, Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Laubier M & Schiano P

(2019) Insights into the 2017-2018 Ambae Eruption
Bani P, Moussallam Y, Medard E, Rose-Koga E, Koga K, Gauthier P-J, Carn S, Aiuppa A, Coppola D, Tari D, Bani I, Benbakkar M, Voyard G, Scott B, Garaebiti E & Lardy M

(2019) A Tool to Measure Ascent Rate: Volatile Element Concentration Profile in Embayment
Rose-Koga EF, Moussallam Y, Koga KT, Médard E & Bani P

(2018) Nepheline-Normative Primitive Melt Genesis in Arcs: Mineralogic and Lithospheric Controls
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Métrich N, Di Muro A & Deloule E

(2018) Tracing of Cl Input into the Sub-Arc Mantle Through the Combined Analysis of B, O and Cl Isotopes in Melt Inclusions
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Rose-Koga E, Nichols A & Baumgartner L

(2017) Evolution of F and Cl Relative to Lithophile Trace Elements in Oceanic Crust, from Oceanic to Subduction Metamorphisms in Western Alps
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Nicollet C & Bruand E

(2016) Sulfur and Lead Isotopic Systematics of Sulfides in South African Xenoliths
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Gannoun AM, Thomassot E & Shimizu N

(2016) F, Cl, S Concentrations and Pb Isotopes in Melt Inclusions from São Miguel, Azores
Rose-Koga EF, Koga KT, Moreira M, Vlastelic I, Jackson MG, Whitehouse MJ & Shimizu N

(2016) Chlorine Isotope Determination by SIMS: Standard Development and Application to Melt Inclusions from Subduction Zone Settings
Bouvier A-S, Manzini M, Baumgartner LP, Rose-Koga EF, Ulmer P, Bonifacie M, Bardoux G, Sharp Z, Williams J, Layne GD, Straub S & Métrich N

(2016) Melt Inclusions and Olivine Growth in MORB – What can We Learn from Phosphorus and δ18O?
Manzini M, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Müntener O, Bloch E, Escrig S, Meibom A, Rose-Koga EF & Schiano P

(2015) Oxygen Isotopes Variation in Melt Inclusions from MORB Samples
Manzini M, Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Schiano P & Baumgartner L

(2014) Experimental and Numerical Simulations of Li Isotope Fractionation during Degassng of Rhyolitic Magma
Koga KT, Laporte D, Rose-Koga E & Cluzel N

(2014) Volatile (F and Cl) Concentrations in Iwate Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Indicating Low Temperature Subduction
Rose-Koga EF, Koga KT, Hamada M, Hélouis T, Whitehouse MJ & Shimizu N

(2013) Reading the Melt Inclusion Record of Pre-Eruptive Magmatic Volatiles
Gaetani G, Bucholz C, Rose-Koga E, Shimizu N, Koga K & Monteleone B

(2013) Insights into Boron Volatility in Magmatic Systems
Menard G, Vlastélic I, Rose-Koga EF, Piro J-L & Pin C

(2013) Mass Independently Fractionated Sulfur Isotopes in HIMU Lavas Reveal Archean Crust in their Mantle Source
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Koga K, Whitehouse M, Antonelli M, Farquhar J, Day J & Hauri E

(2012) Oceanic Gabbro Signature in Mangaia Melt Inclusions
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Day J, Koga K, Shimizu N, Whitehouse M & Price A

(2011) Lithium-Boron Isotope Fractionation during Degassing of Rhyolitic Magma
Koga KT, Rose-Koga EF, Laporte D, Cluzel N, Shimizu N & Deloule E

(2011) Volatile Abundances and Pb Isotopes in Melt Inclusions from Iwate Volcano, Japan
Rose-Koga EF, Koga KT, Hamada M, Hélouis T, Whitehouse MJ & Shimizu N

(2011) Volatile and Trace Element Abundances in HIMU Melt Inclusions
Cabral R, Jackson M, Rose-Koga E, Day J & Shimizu N

(2007) Volatiles and Boron Isotopes Analysis in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Vulcano (Italy) and Pichincha (Ecuador) Lavas
Le Voyer M, Rose-Koga E & Schiano P

(2004) Magnesium Isotopes in Fe-Mn Nodules
Rose-Koga E, Albarede F & Telouk P

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