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All abstracts by Alan Rooney in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Constraining the Activity of the North Atlantic Igneous Province Across the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary
Jones M, Stokke E, Augland L, Svensen H, Pogge von Strandmann P & Rooney A

(2018) Phosphorus Scavenging and Release during Low Temperature Alteration of Oceanic Crust
Syverson D, Katchkinoff J, Rooney A & Planavsky N

(2016) Tracking the Rise of Eukaryotes to Ecological Dominance with Zinc Isotopes
Tang T, Love G, Zumberge A, Reinhard C, Dupont C, Asael D, Rooney A, Owens J, Gill B, Rainbird R, McCrow J, Lyons T & Planavsky N

(2016) Dating the Dramatic and Dynamic in the Neoproterozoic: New Re-Os Age Constraints and Paleoweathering Proxy Data
Rooney A, Strauss J, Hodgin E, Selby D, Sharma M, Dehler C, Karlstrom K, Cohen P & Macdonald F

(2013) Redox and Nutrient Cycling in a Late Mesoproterozoic Sea
Husband K, Poulton S, Guilbaud R, Rooney A & Selby D

(2011) Re-Os Geochronology of the Neoproterozoic Coppercap and Twitya Formations: Implications for the Rapitan-Sturtian Glaciation
Rooney A, Macdonald F & Selby D

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