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All abstracts by Claire Rollion-Bard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions in Cultured Brachiopod Shells
Rollion-Bard C, Jurikova H & Henkel D

(2023) Study of Bryozoan Mineralogic Polymorphisms and Isotopic Signature: From the Individual Scale to that of the Whole Colony
Pesnin M, Thaler C, Medjoubi K, Daëron M, Nomade S & Rollion-Bard C

(2021) High Precision MC-ICP-MS Measurements of δ11B from ng Amounts in Carbonate Samples, Using Microsublimation and Direct Injection (µ-δDIHEN)
Buisson M, Louvat P, Thaler C & Rollion-Bard C

(2021) Biomineralization Against all Odds: Strategies of Bacteria, Foraminifera and Bryozoa to Control Precipitation, Mineralogy, and pH Against Environmental Conditions
Thaler C, Rollion-Bard C, Louvat P, Bartolini A, Paris G, Menez B, Bonifacie M & Ader M

(2019) How Seawater Sulfate Concentration Affects Foraminifera Biology and CAS Incorporation
Thaler C, Paris G, Dellinger M, Berland S, Marie A, Dissard D, Rollion Bard C & Bartolini A

(2019) Reconstitution of the Isotopic Composition of Boron in Seawater over Geological Times
Buisson M, Louvat P, Rollion-Bard C, Bouchez J, Horita J & Gaillardet J

(2019) Boron Isotopic Ratio Measurements at ng Levels with the µ-δDIHEN Introduction System
Louvat P, Tharaud M, Buisson M, Rollion-Bard C & Benedetti MF

(2019) In situ Measurements of Isotopic and Elemental Ratios in Brachiopods: Implications for their Use as Environmental Proxies and their Biomineralization Processes
Rollion-Bard C, Milner Garcia S, Burckel P, Angiolini L, Jurokiva H, Tomasovych A & Henkel D

(2019) Does the Polymorphism Control the Boron Isotopic Composition of Biocarbonate?
Rollion-Bard C, Griesshaber E, Schmahl W, Louvat P & Faure L

(2019) Element Partitioning in Brachiopods – Implications for Proxy Use and Biomineralisation
Jurikova H, Ippach M, Liebetrau V, Gutjahr M, Krause S, Büsse S, Gorb SN, Henkel D, Hiebenthal C, Schmidt M, Leipe T, Laudien J, Rollion-Bard C & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Trace Element Ratios in Corals Porites Lobata and Dipsastraea Speciosa from Koshiki Island (Japan)
Rollion-Bard C, Burckel P, Blamart D, Watanabe T & Milner S

(2017) δ26Mg Record of Phanerozoic Oceans
Törber P, Farkas J, Rollion-Bard C, Wallmann K, Brand U, Azmy K, Tomasovych A, Lecuyer C, Vigier N, Saulnier S, Komarek M, Magna T, Simecek M, Francova M, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Variations in the Oxygen Isotope Composition and Minor Element Ratios in the Shell Microstructure of Modern Brachiopods
Milner S, Rollion-Bard C, Burckel P, Tomašových A, Angiolini L, Jurikova H & Henkel D

(2016) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Signatures in Archean Sulfates: Implications for Early Earth Atmospheric Evolution
Muller E, Philippot P, Rollion-Bard C & Cartigny P

(2016) Impact of an in situ Acidification Experiment on Benthic Foraminifera Ecology and their Calcite Geochemistry
Vigier N, Barras C, Cox E, Gazeau F, Rollion-Bard C, Plihon M, Mahacek P, Kerros M-E, Parent B, Alliouane S, Jorissen F & Gattuso J-P

(2015) The Use of Lithium and its Isotopes in Foraminifera as Proxies for the Past Ocean DIC
Erez J, Rollion-Bard C, Vigier N, Levenson Y & Bentov S

(2015) Intra-Shell Variability of Magnesium Isotope Compositions in Brachiopod Shells
Rollion-Bard C, Saulnier S, Vigier N, Schumacher A, Chaussidon M & Lécuyer C

(2015) Deconvolution of the Sulfur Cycle in Archean Sulfate Deposits Using Quadruple Sulfur Isotope (32S, 33S, 34S, 36S) Analyses
Muller E, Philippot P, Rollion-Bard C & Cartigny P

(2015) Fe and S Isotope Constraints on Redox Conditions Associated with Barite Deposits from the 3.2 Ga Mapepe Formation (South Africa)
Busigny V, Marin-Carbonne J, Muller E, Cartigny P, Assayag N, Rollion-Bard C & Philippot P

(2015) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes from the 2.45-2.2 Ga Old Turee Creek Group and the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen
Philippot P, Avila J, Baton F, Cartigny P, Ireland T, Muller E, Rollion-Bard C & Van Kranendonk M

(2014) SIMS Measurements of Li/Ca, Na/Ca, and Mg/Ca Ratios in Scleractinian Corals: Towards a Better Understanding of their Mechanisms of Incorporation?
Rollion-Bard C & Blamart D

(2014) In situ Fe and S Isotope Composition of Pyrites from the 3.24 Ga Old Mendon Formation, South Africa
Marin-Carbonne J, Muller E, Miot J, Busigny V, Rollion-Bard C & Philippot P

(2013) Growth-Rate Induced Disequilibrium of Boron and Divalent Cations in Calcite: An in situ Approach
Gabitov R, Sadekov A, Rollion-Bard C & Watson B

(2013) Fe, S Isotope Systematics of the 3.24 Ga Old Mendon-Mapepe Formations, Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa
Marin-Carbonne J, Muller E, Busigny V, Rollion-Bard C & Philippot P

(2013) Multiple Sulphur Isotope Analyses of Sulphate Deposits from the Sargur Group, Dharwar Craton, India
Muller E, Philippot P, Rollion-Bard C & Sarma DS

(2013) Limitations of Isotopic and Elemental Signatures of Oxygenic Photosynthesis: A Possible Solution?
Hubert A, Westall F, Simionovici A, Rollion-Bard C & Grasineau N

(2013) Importance of Reference Materials and of the Determination of Matrix Effects for Precise and Accurate Measurements by SIMS
Rollion-Bard C & Nancy Ion Microprobe Team 

(2013) Iron Isotope Systematics of the Baima Magmatic Fe-Ti-(V) Oxide Deposit, SW China
Liu P-P, Zhou M-F, Luais B, Cividini D & Rollion-Bard C

(2012) δ26Mg of Brachiopod Shells and the Composition of Past Seawater
Saulnier S, Rollion-Bard C, Lecuyer C, Vigier N & Chaussidon M

(2012) In situ Fe and Multiple S Isotope Analyses of an Archean Pyrite Nodule
Marin-Carbonne J, Rollion-Bard C, Hofmann A, Thomassot E, McKeegan K, Bekker A & Rouxel O

(2011) Negative Sulfur-Mif Anomalies in Metasomatized Eclogites from Siberia
Thomassot E, Rollion-Bard C, Pearson GD, Assayag N & Fialin M

(2011) Boron Isotopes as pH Proxy: Combination of Boron Speciation and Isotope Composition Data
Rollion-Bard C, Blamart D, Trebosc J, Tricot G, Mussi A & Cuif J-P

(2011) Ion Microprobe High Precision Measurements of Oxygen and Magnesium Isotopic Compositions in Extraterrestrial Materials
Chaussidon M & Rollion Bard C

(2011) Influence of Glass Composition on Si and Ca Isotope Measurements by SIMS
Tissandier L, Rollion-Bard C & Caro G

(2010) In situ Boron Isotopic Measurements in Cultured Foraminifera: Implications for δ11B Vital Effects
Rollion-Bard C & Erez J

(2009) Li Isotopes in Foraminifera: A New Proxy for Past Ocean Dissolved Inorganic Carbon?
Vigier N, Rollion-Bard C & Erez J

(2009) Impact of Environmental Conditions and Skeletal Ultrastructure on the Li Isotopic Composition of Scleractinian Corals
Rollion-Bard C, Vigier N, Meibom A, Blamart D & Reynaud S

(2007) Bone Oxygen Isotope Profiles (SIMS, Micromill) – Implications for Archosaur Growth and Biomineralization
Tütken T, Rollion-Bard C & Sander M

(2007) Oxygen Isotopic Composition in Deep-Sea Coral, Lophelia pertusa
Rollion-Bard C, Blamart D, Cuif J-P, Meibom A, Juillet-Leclerc A & Dauphin Y

(2007) Boron Isotopic Composition Correlates with Ultra-Structure in the Deep-Sea Coral Lophelia pertusa: Implications for Biomineralization Processes and Paleo-pCO2
Blamart D, Rollion-bard C, Cuif J, Meibom A, Juillet-Leclerc A & Dauphin Y

(2007) Delta Zero Reference Materials for Stable Isotope Analysis and Applications to in situ Measurements
Carignan J, Rollion-Bard C & Champenois M

(2006) In-situ Ca isotope measurements in foraminifera
Vigier N, Rollion-Bard C & Spezzaferri S

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