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All abstracts by Arno Rohrbach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) High-Pressure/-temperature Reaction Experiments between Saline Fluid and Mantle Rocks Provide New Insight into Cratonic Mantle Metasomatism
Bussweiler Y, Gruetzner T, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2017) Experimental Determination of Stable Pd, Ru and S Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate
Grützner T, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2015) Experimental Determination of W Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal and Liquid Silicate
Horstmann M, Kleine T, Kruijer TS, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2015) The Stability of Majoritic Garnet Depending on Garnet Composition
Wijbrans CH, Rohrbach A & Klemme S

(2015) Experimental Constraints on the Stability of Baddeleyite and Zircon in Carbonatite Melts
Klemme S, Gervasoni F, Rohrbach A & Berndt J

(2015) The System Fe-Ni-C-S at Transition Zone Pressures and Temperatures
Rohrbach A

(2015) The Effect of Fluorine on the Stability of Humite-Type Minerals in the Upper Mantle and Transition Zone
Grützner T, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2014) The Storage Capacity of Fluorine in Olivine and Pyroxene
Grützner T, Klemme S, Vollmer C, Rohrbach A & Berndt-Gerdes J

(2013) Experimental Study of Majorite Stability in Chromium Rich Garnets
Wijbrans I, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2013) Redox Processes in the Earth's Mantle
Rohrbach A

(2012) The Stability of Iron Nickel Carbides in the Earth S Mantle
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Ghosh S, Wijbrans CH & Klemme S

(2012) High Pressure Experimental Constraints on Majorite Transformation of Chromium-Rich Garnets
Wijbrans I, Klemme S & Rohrbach A

(2011) Late Volatile Addition to Earth
Ballhaus C, Laurenz V, Fonseca ROC, Muenker C, Albarède F, Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U & Helmy H

(2011) Redox-Freezing and -Melting of Carbonates in the Deep Mantle and the Role of Transient Carbides
Rohrbach A & Schmidt MW

(2009) Carbonate Stability in the Earth's Lower Mantle and Redox Melting Across the 660 km Discontinuity
Rohrbach A, Schmidt MW & Ballhaus C

(2007) Metal Saturation in the Upper Mantle
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U, Ulmer P & Schönbohm D

(2006) Ferric-ferrous iron ratios in upper mantle minerals
Rohrbach A, Ballhaus C, Golla-Schindler U & Ulmer P

(2004) HF-Nd-Sr-Pb Isotope Evidence for Relict Indian Mantle beneath Pacific Crust at the Solomon Island Arc
Schuth S, Rohrbach A, Münker C & Ballhaus C

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