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All abstracts by Nick W. Rogers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Isotope Composition of High Ti Picrites from the Ethiopian Flood Basalt Province: Implications for the Source and Evolution of Mantle Plumes
Stuart F, Rogers N, Davies M, Parkinson I, Hammond S & Yirgu G

(2011) Isotopic Variations in Mafic Volcanic Rocks from the Western Branch of the East African Rift
Graham D, Furman T, Blichert-Toft J, Lupton J, Ebinger C & Rogers N

(2009) Redox State of the Neoproterozoic Oceans: Insights from the REE and Cr Isotopes
Bonnand P, Parkinson IJ, James RH, Fairchild IJ & Rogers NW

(2009) Trace Element and ╬┤7Li Geochemistry of Tonga Arc Submarine Basalts
Hammond S, Rogers N, Parkinson I & James R

(2009) Fe/Mn and 187Os/188Os Ratios in Mafic Lavas from the Ethiopian Flood Basalts
Rogers N, Davies M, Parkinson I & Yirgu G

(2008) Laser Ablation Analysis of Metal Grains in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Hammond S, Rogers N & Bland P

(2008) Deciphering the Sources and Melt Generation Mechanisms of Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanism in Central Mongolia
Hunt A, Parkinson I, Rogers N, Harris N, Barry T & Uondon M

(2008) Mantle Lithosphere in Basalts from the Kenya Rift
Rogers N

(2007) A Reappraisal of the Petrology and Origins of the Lherz Peridotite
Riches A, Rogers N, Charlier B & Bodinier J-L

(2007) Revisiting the Elemental Composition of Enstatite Chondrites
Wade J, Hammond SJ, Rogers NW & Grady MM

(2007) <delta>7Li Systematics of Mantle Xenoliths from Kilbourne Hole: Unraveling Metasomatic & Diffusional Processes
Hammond S, Parkinson I, James R, Rogers N & Harvey J

(2006) Lithium isotope fractionation at magmatic temperatures; evidence for diffusional fractionation in phenocrysts
Parkinson I, Hammond SJ, James RH & Rogers NW

(2005) B and delta<+>11<$>B in Aleutian Island Arc Basalt Track Slab and Sediment Fluid Addition to the Mantle Wedge
Singer B, Leeman W, Thirlwall M, Tonarini S, Jicha B & Rogers N

(2004) Re-Os Systematics in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Abyssal Peridotites: Preliminary Results from ODP Leg 209
Harvey J, Gannoun A, James R, Alard O, Rogers N, Burton K & Leg 209 shipboard scientific party O

(2004) Re-Os Isotope and PGE Constraints on the Timing and Origin of Gold Mineralisation in the Witwatersrand Basin
Schaefer B, Pearson G, Rogers N & Barnicoat A

(2004) U-Series in Icelandic Rivers
Vigier N, Burton K, Gislason S, Rogers N & Hodge E

(2004) Lithium and Crustal Recycling during Subduction
Hammond S, Parkinson I, Rogers N & James R

(2002) Determination of Crystal Residence Times and Magma Chamber Volumes: Vesuvius 1944
Morgan D, Blake S & Rogers N

(2002) Re-Os Isotope Systematics of the British Tertiary Volcanic Province; Multiple Mantle Sources in the Proto-Iceland Plume
Schaefer BF, Parkinson IJ, Hole MJ, Kerr AC, Scarrow JH & Rogers NW

(2002) Constraints on Basalt Erosion from Li Isotopes and U-Series Nuclides Measured in Iceland Rivers
Vigier N, Burton KW, Gislason SR, Rogers NW, Schaefer BF & James RH

(2000) Melting beneath a Continental Rift: Radiogenic Isotope and U-Series Analyses from the Kenya Rift
Rogers N, Macdonald R, Hawkesworth C & Thomas L

(2000) Re-Os Isotope and PGE Constraints on the Timing and Origin of Gold Mineralisation in the Witwatersrand Basin: A Hybrid Model
Schaefer B, Pearson G, Rogers N & Barnicoat A

(2000) The Geochemistry of Mt. Misery Volcano, St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles
Williams CA, Rogers NW, Hawkesworth CJ & Turner SP

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