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All abstracts by Ángel Rodés in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) 10Be/9Be in FeMn Crust 3514-6: A Record of Paleoceanographic Changes
Modestou S, Rodes A, Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Bolhao Muinos S, Ellam R & Flecker R

(2015) Cosmogenic 3He, 21Ne and 10Be Production in Xenoliths from Mount Hampton, West Antarctica
Carracedo A, Rodes A, Stuart F & Smellie J

(2015) Precessional Variation in Seawater-Derived Late Miocene Pb Isotopes
Modestou S, Gutjahr M, Fietzke J, Rodés Á, van der Schee M, Frank M, Muiños S, Ellam R & Flecker R

(2008) 10Be Dating of Erratics at Hell Creek (Coast Mountains, BC, Canada)
Ortuño M, Evans S, Clague J, Pallàs R, Rodés Á, Cuman A, Braucher R & Bourlès D

(2008) How Minimum are the Minimum Ages of Deglaciation Deduced from Surface Exposure Dating? Assessment Based on Data from the Pyrenees (Iberian Peninsula)
Pallàs R, Rodés A, Braucher R & Bourlès D

(2008) Climate during the Last Glacial Cycle in the Pyrenees Inferred from 10Be Dating and Paleoglacier Modeling
Rodés Á, Plummer M, Pallàs R, Braucher R & Bourlès D

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