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All abstracts by Christopher Rochelle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Combined Extraction of Energy and Metals from Ultra-Deep Ore Bodies: The Potential of Cornwall, UK
Lusty P, Rochelle C, Shaw R & Kilpatrick A

(2014) Dissolution of K-Feldspar at CO2-Saturated Conditions
Rosenqvist J, Kilpatrick A, Yardley B & Rochelle C

(2014) The Formation of Ikaite (CaCO3.6H2O) in Hyperalkaline Springs Associated with the Leaching of Lime Kiln Waste
Milodowski A, Rushton J, Purser G, Rochelle C, Kemp S, Shaw R & Ellis M

(2013) Carbonation of Cement within a Repository for Radioactive Wastes: Impact of CO2 on Cement Mineralogy and Permeability
Rochelle C, Purser G & Milodowski A

(2013) Noble Gas Partitioning in CO2 Environments: A Supercritical Assessment of Current Assumptions
Warr O, Masters A, Rochelle C & Ballentine C

(2013) Petrology of Column Experiments on the Interaction of Young Cement Leachate with Silicate Host Rock in a Geological Disposal Facility
Field L, Milodowski A, Bateman K, Moyce E, Shaw S & Rochelle C

(2013) In situ pH and Carbon Dioxide Solubility in NaCl Fluids
Purser G, Rochelle C & Jones L

(2013) Green River CO2 Natural Analogue, Utah: Insights into Fe Mobilisation from Jarosite Fracture Mineralisation
Rushton J, Wagner D, Purser G, Pearce J & Rochelle C

(2012) Towards Determining Noble Gas Partitioning between Supercirtcial CO2 and Water
Warr O, Masters A, Rochelle C & Ballentine C

(2012) Mineral Reactions at High pH Relevant to Radwaste Disposal: A 15 Year Experimental Study
Moyce E, Morris K, Milodowski A, Rochelle C & Shaw S

(2012) Potential Dissolution of Sandstone in the Presence of Supercritical CO2-H2S-H2O: An Experimental and Geochemical Modelling Approach
Nwankwor C, Maroto-Valer M, Large D, Bateman K & Rochelle C

(2010) Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Rock-Buffered Aqueous Fluids
Rosenqvist J, Rochelle C & Yardley B

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