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All abstracts by Natalie Roberts in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Distinguishing between Advection and Source Changes Recorded by Nd Isotopes in the NE Atlantic
Roberts N & Piotrowski A

(2012) (231Paex/230Thex)0 Records from a Depth Transect in the NE Atlantic 0-20 ka
Roberts N, McManus J & Piotrowski A

(2012) Reconstructing the Large-Scale Deep and Intermediate Ocean Circulation in the North Atlantic during the LGM and Last Deglaciation
McManus J, Hoffmann S, Roberts N, Henry G, Bradtmiller L, Mohamed K, Jacard S, Yu J, Piotrowski A, Oppo D, Curry W, Praetorius M & Robinson L

(2011) Rare Earth Element Association with Foraminifera
Roberts N, Piotrowski A, Eglinton T & Lomas M

(2009) Interpreting Nd Isotope and 231Pa/230Th Records in the Deep Western North Atlantic
Roberts N, Piotrowski A, McManus J & Keigwin L

(2009) Linking North and South Atlantic Deep Water Circulation Using Nd Isotopes
Piotrowski A, Galy A, Yu J, Scrivner A, Nicholl J, Roberts N, Wilson D & Noble T

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