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All abstracts by Stephen Richardson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Boron-Bearing, Type IIb Diamonds from Superdeep Subduction
Smith E, Shirey S, Richardson S, Nestola F, Bullock E, Wang J & Wang W

(2018) Geochemistry of the Tuli Syncline high-Ti Picrites and Basalts, Karoo CFB, South Africa: Origin from a High ╬┤18O Mantle Source
Howarth G, Duncan A, Marsh J, Day J, Harris C, Richardson S, le Roex A, Carlson R & Zartman R

(2015) Sources of Diamonds from Orapa, Botswana and Evolution of the Kaapvaal-Zimbabwe Cratons
Shirey S, Smit K, Gaillou E, Richardson S & Harris J

(2011) 3 Ga Onset of the Supercontinent Cycle: SCLM and Crustal Evidence
Shirey S, Richardson S & Van Kranendonk M

(2008) Eclogitic Sulfide and Silicate Inclusions in Diamonds and Sub-Continental Geological Processes
Shirey S, Richardson S, Pearson G, Carlson R & Harris J

(2006) Antiquity of harzburgitic diamonds from the Venetia kimberlite, Limpopo Belt, Kaapvaal craton
Richardson SH, Harris JW & Poml PF

(2005) A Comparison of Mineral and Whole Rock Approaches to Re-Os Dating of the Kaapvaal Lithospheric Mantle
Garden B, Carlson R, Pearson G, Shirey S & Richardson S

(2005) Dating Mantle Samples: Examples from the Re-Os System in Eclogites and Diamonds
Shirey S, Schmitz M, Westerlund K, Richardson S, Wiechert U, Pearson G, Carlson R & Harris J

(2004) Mantle Modification and Diamond Genesis during Continental Accretion
Garden B, Shirey S, Carlson R, Schmitz M, Richardson S & Gurney J

(2002) Evidence from Kimberlitic Zircon for a Decreasing Mantle Th/U
Zartman RE & Richardson SH

(2000) Re-Os Systematics of Sulphide Inclusion Bearing Diamonds from Continental Mantle Roots
Richardson SH, Shirey SB, Harris JW & Carlson RW

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