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All abstracts by Antonin Richard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Potential of Post-Impact Hydrothermal Minerals as Paleo-Atmospheric Proxies: The Case of Rochechouart (France)
Avice G, Richard A & Ferri√®re L

(2021) Sedimentary Formation Waters as Potential Low-Impact Lithium Resources
Dugamin E, Richard A, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C, Despinois F & Brisset A

(2021) Do Ancient Brines Trapped as Fluid Inclusions in Unconformity-Related Deposits Differ from Present-Day Porewaters in Triassic Aquifers of the Paris Basin?
Lenoir L, Blaise T, Chourio-Camacho D, Tarantola A, Agrinier P, Richard A, Rigaudier T, Monvoisin G, Bardoux G, Brigaud B & Barbarand J

(2021) Zn-Pb Ore-Forming Processes in the McArthur Basin and Lawn Hill Platform (Australia): Insights from Lead Isotopes and Trace Elements in Sulphides
Gigon J, Richard A, Mercadier J, Deloule E, Annesley IR, Wygralak A & Skirrow R

(2017) Li Isotopes in Fluid Inclusions as Tracers for Crustal Fluids
Richard A, Banks DA, Hendriksson N & Lahaye Y

(2017) Ore-Forming Fluids in the Maoping and Piaotang W-Sn Deposits (Jiangxi, China)
Legros H, Richard A, Mercadier J, Tarantola A, Kouzmanov K, Vennemann T, Bailly L, Marignac C, Charles N, Wang R-C, Cuney M & Lespinasse M-Y

(2016) Insights into Hydrothermal Fluids from Li-Mica Compositions (Maoping W-Sn Deposit, Jiangxi, China)
Legros H, Marignac C, Mercadier J, Cuney M, Richard A, Wang R-C, Charles N & Lespinasse M-Y

(2012) Origin of Uranium Deposits Revealed by their Rare Earth Element Signature
Mercadier J, Cuney M, Lach P, Boiron M-C, Bonhoure J & Richard A

(2012) The Origin of Mineralising Brines in Unconformity-Related U Deposits: Insights from Noble Gases and Halogens in Fluid Inclusions
Richard A, Kendrick MA & Cathelineau M

(2011) Conditions for Uranium Transport in Unconformity-Related U Deposits
Richard A, Rozsypal C, Banks DA, Mercadier J, Cuney M, Boiron M-C & Cathelineau M

(2009) Origin of U-Mineralizing Brines in the Athabasca Basin, Canada
Richard A, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C, Cuney M, Banks D, Boulvais P, France-Lanord C & Pettke T

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