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All abstracts by Patrice Rey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) P-T-Time Paths and Tectonic Significance of Eclogite in Migmatite
Whitney D, Roger F, Teyssier C, Rey P & Gordon S

(2015) The Rise of Continents on a Cooling Earth
Flament N, Rey P & Coltice N

(2013) Archean Geodynamic: Fingerprinting Sagduction vs Subduction Processes
François C, Philippot P, Rey P, Rubatto D & Moyen JF

(2007) Supercontinental Warming, Plumes, and Mantle Evolution
Phillips BR, Coltice N, Bertrand H, Ricard Y & Rey P

(2006) Mid-Archaean crustal geodynamics: Solving the Pilbara controversy
Rey P, Thébaud N & Philippot P

(2006) The impact of body forces on Archaean orogenic processes
Rey P & Houseman G

(2006) Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents
Coltice N, Bertrand H, Ricard Y & Rey P

(2003) Nitrogen Quest in Archean Metasediments of Pilbara, Australia
Pinti D, Hashizume K, Philippot P, Foriel J & Rey P

(2003) Composition of a 3.5 Gyr Shallow Seawater from the North Pole Dome, Western Australia
Foriel J, Philippot P, Banks D, Rey P, Cauzid J & Somogyi A

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