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All abstracts by Victoria Rennie in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Carbonate Associated Sulfate's Journey along the "Elderfield Curve"
Paris G, Adkins J, Barkan Y, Halevi I, Present T, Rennie V, Sessions A & Turchyn S

(2015) Atlantic and Pacific Deep Ocean Circulation and Carbon Cycling Changes during the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Piotrowski A, Howe J, Rennie V, Clegg J & Elderfield H

(2015) Isoptoic Tracers of Crustal Alteration in Low Temperature Hydrothermal Settings
Rennie V, Misra S, Piotrowski A & Turchyn A

(2014) Insights into Early Cenozoic Climate from Coupled Sulfur and Carbon Isotopes in Foraminiferal Calcite
Rennie V, Paris G, Abramovich S, Sessions A, Adkins J & Turchyn A

(2013) Sulfate-Oxygen Isotope Insight into Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Estuarine Sediments
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Davies A, Adler M, Rennie V, Herut B & Sivan O

(2013) A New Cenozoic Record of Sulfur Isotopes from Foraminiferal Calcite
Rennie V, Paris G, Adkins JF & Turchyn AV

(2011) Mechanics of Bacterial Sulfate Reduction Deduced from Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes in Pore Fluid Sulfate
Antler G, Turchyn AV, Rennie V, Herut B & Sivan O

(2011) Constraining the Fidelity of Sulfate-Oxygen in the Geological Record
Rennie V & Turchyn A

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