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All abstracts by Thilo Rennert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Geogenic CO2 Affects the Composition of Soil Organic Matter
Rennert T

(2017) Microstructure of Aged Tar-Oil Contaminated Soil
Ivanov P, Eusterhues K, Ritschel T, Eickhorst T, Georgiadis A, Rennert T & Totsche KU

(2017) Silicon Fractionation in Mollic Fluvisols along the Central Elbe River, Germany
Georgiadis A, Rinklebe J, Straubinger M & Rennert T

(2013) Preparation of Micrometer Sized Soil Particles for NanoSIMS Analysis
Hoeschen C, Hoeschen T, Mueller CW, Rennert T, Lugmeier J & Kögel-Knabner I

(2012) Synthesis of Mn Minerals at Ambient Temperature and Pressure
Handel M, Rennert T & Totsche KU

(2011) Characterization of Pedogenic Mn Concretions and Coatings in Redoximorphic Soils
Händel M, Rennert T & Totsche KU

(2011) Iron Species in Soils on a Mofette Site Studied by Fe K-Edge XANES
Rennert T, Eusterhues K, de Andrade V, Prietzel J & Totsche KU

(2011) Composition, Structure and Shape of in situ Precipitated Fe-Oxide Nanoparticles from a Soil Effluent
Fritzsche A, Wieczorek AK, Rennert T, Händel M & Totsche KU

(2011) Molybdate Sorption from Steel Slag Eluates by Soils
Matern K, Mansfeldt T & Rennert T

(2011) Polysaccharide Fractionation of Soil Organic Matter due to Reaction with Ferrihydrite
Eusterhues K, Neidhardt J, Rennert T, Kögel-Knabner I & Totsche KU

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