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All abstracts by Peter, W. Reiners in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Constraining Time and Temperature from 4He/3He Thermochronometry of Polycrytalline Fe- and Mn-Oxides
Shuster D, Reiners P, Ault A, Deng X-D & Tremblay M

(2014) Radiation Damage and Noble Gas Mobility in Minerals
Reiners P & Farley K

(2014) Direct Dating of Brittle Deformation with Hematite (U-Th)/He Chronology
Ault A, Reiners P, Evans J, Frenzel M & Woodcock N

(2013) A New Radiation Damage Based Model for He Diffusion in Zircon
Guenthner W, Reiners P, Ketcham R, Nasdala L & Giester G

(2010) Orogen-Scale Thermochronologic Trends of the Central Andes
Reiners P, Vernon A, Zattin M, Thomson S, Pearson D & Cavazza W

(2010) Insight into Drake Passage Opening from Sediment Provenance and Thermochronology
Barbeau DL, Zahid KM, Gombosi DJ, Guenthner WR, Scher HD, Bizimis M, Davis JT, Brown AR, Gehrels GE, Reiners PW, Thomson SN & Garver JI

(2008) Exhumation and Basin Evolution of the Puna Plateau of NW Argentina Revealed by a Multi Geo-Thermochronological Approach
Carrapa B, DeCelles PG, Reiners PW, Geherels G & Biswas A

(2008) Secondary Weathering Phases and Apatite (U-Th)/He Ages
Reiners P, Thomson S, Tipple B, Peyton L, Rahl J & Mulch A

(2008) Triple-Dating of Detrital Apatites and Zircons from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Cox SE, Reiners PW, Thomson SN, Gehrels GE, Nicolescu S, Hemming SR, van de Flierdt T, Goldstein SL & Brachfeld SA

(2007) Fo 99.8 Olivine in Basalts: Assimilation of Meta-Serpentinites or Oxidation of Magmatic Phenocrysts?
Blondes M, Brandon M, Reiners P, Kita N, Page FZ & Valley J

(2007) Zircon M257 – A New Standard for SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology
Nasdala L, Hofmeister W, Mattinson J, Dörr W, Corfu F, Reiners P, Kronz A, Norberg N & Kröner A

(2006) Thermochronologic Approaches to Paleotopography
Reiners P, McPhillips D, Brandon M, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2006) He Diffusion in and (U-Th)/He Dating of Fossil Tooth Enamel and Conodonts
Reiners P, Peppe D, Bibi F & Nicolescu S

(2006) Dating Young Basalt Eruptions by (U-Th)/He on Xenolithic Zircons
Blondes M, Reiners P, Edwards B & Biscontini A

(2006) Coupled hydrogen isotope paleoaltimetry and (U/Th)/He thermochronology of river deposits
Mulch A, Graham S, Reiners P & Chamberlain CP

(2006) Four million years of thermal history - the Bajo de la Alumbrera porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Argentina
Harris A, Cooke D, Dunlap J, Reiners P, Allen C, White N & Campbell I

(2006) Identification of first and multi-cycle zircons through U-Pb and (U+Th)/He dating of river sands
Allen CM, Campbell IH & Reiners PW

(2005) (U-Th)/He Dating of Epidote and Andradite Garnet
Nicolescu S & Reiners P

(2005) Systematic Geochemical Variations in Single Eruptions of Primitive Basalts: Tectonic Implications
Blondes M & Reiners P

(2005) Laser-Ablation ICP-MS Zonation-Dependent Alpha-Ejection Correction of Zircons in (U-Th)/He Chronometry
Hourigan J, Reiners P, Brandon M & Plank T

(2005) Combined (U-Th)/He and U-Pb Thermochronometry of Rift-Flank Exhumation in East-Central Africa
MacPhee D, Bowring S & Reiners P

(2005) Using Thermochrometry to Image Topographic Evolution in the Northern Apennines, Italy
Brandon M, Zattin M, Isaacson P, Braun J & Reiners P

(2005) Continental-Scale Tectonics: Zircon He-Ft-Pb Triple-Dating of Modern River Sediment
Reiners P, Campbell I, Nicolescu S, Allen C & Garver J

(2005) Temporal Constraints on the Juxtaposition and Exhumation of Deep Crustal Domains, East Athabasca Region, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R, Pringle M, Mahan K, Bowring S, Williams M, Hodges K & Reiners P

(2003) Zircon He-Pb* Dating: Approaches and Applications
Hourigan J, Reiners P, Mattinson J, Campbell I, Nicolescu S & Allen C

(2003) (U-Th)/He Dating and Calibration of Low-T Thermochronometry
Reiners P

(2002) Intercalibration of Zircon (U-Th)/He and K-Feldspar 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronometry
Reiners P & Spell T

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