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All abstracts by Simon Anthony Turner Redfern in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Sodium in Foraminiferal Calcite
Read E, Branson O, Tyliszczak T & Redfern S

(2016) Diagenesis Determined by Synchrotron X-Ray CT – Insights from the Ontong Java Plateau
Read E, Branson O, Redfern S, Rau C & Elderfield H

(2016) Influence of the Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition of Water on Mineral Solubility and Solution Chemistry
Redfern S & Facq S

(2015) Theme 14: Mineralogy and Mineral Physics
Redfern S

(2015) Yellow and Colourless Anorthite Megacrysts from Hakone Volcano: Structural Controls on Colouration
Matsui T, Buisman I, Lampronti G & Redfern S

(2015) Speciation and Distribution of Arsenic in Water at Bakyrchik Gold Mine, Kazakhstan
Seitkan A & Redfern S

(2014) Ostracod Trace Element Proxies: More Complexity, Less Certainty
Branson O, Redfern S, Molina S, Elmore A & Elderfield H

(2014) Core Formation in Terrestrial Planets Without Magma Oceans: The Role of Deformation in Melt Segregation
Berg M, Bromiley G, Bulter I, Redfern S & Carr J

(2013) The Coordination of Boron in Foraminiferal Calcite
Branson O, Redfern S, Kaczmarek K, Tyliszczak T & Elderfield H

(2013) Nanomagnetism of Iron Meteorites Identified by X-Ray Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
Bryson J, Herrero Albillos J, Kronast F, van der Laan G, Redfern S & Harrison R

(2013) 3D Visualisation of Core Formation in Deforming Planetesimals
Berg M, Butler I, Redfern S, Le Godec Y & Bromiley G

(2013) Geochemical Proxy Nanostructure of Foraminifera by X-Ray Imaging: STXM and Tomography
Redfern S, Branson O, Elderfield H, Tylisczak T & Rau C

(2012) 3D Visualisation of Core-Forming Melts
Berg M, Butler I, Redfern S & Bromiley G

(2011) Anelastic Processes in Minerals at High Temperature: Examples of Quartz and Spinel
Redfern S, Peng Z, Walsh J & Daraktchiev M

(2004) Transformation Twinning in Minerals: A Credible Source of Anelasticity in Crustal and Mantle Rocks?
Harrison R, Redfern S & Salje E

(2004) The Effect of Cs on the Structural and Hydrothermal Stability of Barium Hollandites
Whittle K, Lumpkin G, Ashbrook S, Cope E & Redfern S

(2004) Structural Phase Transitions and Solid Solubilities of (Nd, La)2(Zr, Ti)2O7 Phases
Harvey E, Whittle K, Lumpkin G & Redfern S

(2004) In situ high-P/T Behaviour of Minerals by Neutron Scattering
Redfern S, Stone H, Dove M & Meducin F

(2004) Phase Transitions and Anelasticity in LaxNd1-xGaO3 Perovskites
Jakeways C, Redfern S, Harrison R & Whittle K

(2002) An Electrochemical Cell Across the Core-Mantle Boundary
O'Neill HSC & Redfern SAT

(2002) Transitions and Twin Wall Conduits: Controls on Chemical Transport in Minerals
Redfern S & Sartbaeva A

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