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All abstracts by Vladislav Rapprich in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Mass-Dependent Titanium Isotope Variations of Global Carbonatites
Kommescher S, Magna T, Rapprich V, Fonseca ROC, Kynický J, Tappe S & Giebel RJ

(2022) Stable Zirconium Isotope Constraints on the Petrogenesis of Carbonatites
Tian S, Magna T, Rapprich V, Moynier F & Giebel RJ

(2022) Constraints on the Chlorine and Fluorine Inventory of Carbonatites
Magna T, Barnes JD, Rapprich V & Giebel RJ

(2022) Carbonatites: Evolution of High-Grade REE Mineralization and Subsequent Processes Driving Economic Exploration
Kynický J, Magna T, Chakhmouradian A, Vašinová Galiová M, Krmíček L, Rapprich V, Song W, Brtnický M, Urubek T, Smith M & Xu C

(2022) Combined Noble Gas, Fluid Inclusion and Clumped Isotope Analysis of Carbonatites from Sevattur and Samalpatti, South India
Benkó Z, Molnar K, Magna T, Rapprich V, Czuppon G, Palcsu L, Rinyu L, Kiss G & Aradi LE

(2020) Post-Emplacement Hydrothermal Remobilization and Nb–V Enrichment in Amba Dongar Sövites
Rapprich V, Magna T, Viladkar S, Pour O, Hopp J & Čejková B

(2020) Lu–Hf Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites
Polák L, Ackerman L, Magna T, Bizimis M & Rapprich V

(2020) Stable Cr Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites from the East African Rift
Frei R, Magna T & Rapprich V

(2020) Mantle Metasomatism and Crustal Contamination in Carbonatites the East African Rift – A Case Study of Sukulu and Tororo (Uganda)
Benkó Z, Magna T, Molnár K, Rapprich V, Palcsu L, Czuppon G & Čejková B

(2020) Spatial and Temporal Sr–Nd–Pb Isotope Variability of Cenozoic Alkaline Volcanism in the Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)
Erban Kochergina Y, Rapprich V, Magna T, Erban V, Míková J, Ackerman L & Stracke A

(2020) VNIR–SWIR Laboratory Remote Sensing Investigation of Carbonatites in Various Tectonic Settings: Implications for Critical Metals
Kopačková V, Rapprich V, Magna T, McLemore V & Pour O

(2017) The Late- to Post-Collisional Teplice Rhyolite, Central-European Variscides (German-Czech Border): Unraveling Processes and Evolution of A-Type Granitic Melts
Casas-García R, Rapprich V, Breitkreuz C, Schulz B, Haser S & Lapp M

(2017) Age Disparity for Spatially Related Sevattur and Samalpatti Carbonatite Complexes
Rapprich V, Pecskay Z, Magna T & Mikova J

(2017) Noble Gases in Indian Carbonatites
Czuppon G, Magna T, Benko Z, Rapprich V & Ott U

(2017) Sulfur Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India
Magalhaes N, Magna T, Rapprich V, Kratky O & Farquhar J

(2017) Hafnium Isotope Systematics of Carbonatites and Alkaline Silicate Rocks from South and West India
Ackerman L, Slama J, Haluzova E, Magna T, Rapprich V, Kochergina Y & Upadhyay D

(2017) Calcium Isotope Composition of Carbonatites – A Case Study of Sevattur and Samalpatti, S India
Magna T, Wittke A, Gussone N, Rapprich V & Upadhyay D

(2017) Stable Cr Isotope Systematics in Carbonatites from S India
Andronikov A, Magna T & Rapprich V

(2016) Highly Siderophile Element (HSE) Geochemistry of Carbonatites and Associated Alkaline Rocks from Tamil Nadu, India
Polák L, Ackerman L, Rapprich V, Magna T & Upadhyay D

(2015) Element Flows during Fenitization of Amphibole-Rich Pyroxenite by Carbonatite Intrusion
Haloda J, Magna T, Rapprich V & Upadhyay D

(2015) Geochemistry of the Highly Alkaline Loučná Intrusive Complex (Krušné Hory Mts., Czech Republic)
Erban V, Magna T, Rapprich V, Jiránek J & Bláha V

(2015) Evidence for the Progressive Alkalinization of the Closed Basin Lakes in the Ethiopian Rift Valley
Farkas J, Rapprich V, Demewez A, Mitiku A, Abraham S, Jackova I, Buzek F, Rohovec J, Matouskova S & Tyler J

(2014) Continental Alkaline Volcanism from Li–O Isotope Perspective
Magna T, Rapprich V & Pack A

(2014) Hf–Os Isotopes in Cenozoic Alkaline Basalts from the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic
Kochergina Y, Magna T, Ackerman L, Erban V, Rapprich V, Münker C & Marien C

(2014) Towards Depleted Sr–Nd Isotopology from Western to Central Cenozoic Volcanic Europe
Erban V, Magna T, Rapprich V & Mikova J

(2013) Noble Gas Signature of Tertiary Alkaline Basalts and Xenoliths from Central Europe
Kochergina Y, Niedermann S, Rapprich V & Magna T

(2007) Petrogenesis of the Basic Volcanism Behind the Volcanic Front (Cinotepeque Range, El Salvador)
Erban V, Janousek V & Rapprich V

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