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All abstracts by Robert Raiswell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Bioavailable Fe Supply by Aeolian Dust to the North Atlantic
Lee B, Owens J, Raiswell R, Severmann S, Sadler P & Lyons T

(2018) Iron and its Impact on Primary Productivity in the Southern Ocean
Lee B, Raiswell R, Sadler P & Lyons T

(2017) Sensitivity of Redox Proxies to Rapid Variability in Oxygen Minimum Zones
Choumiline K, Lyons TW, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Raiswell R & Beaufort L

(2016) Drivers of Redox Changes in Diverse Basins of the Gulf of California: Alfonso, La Paz, and Pescadero
Choumiline K, Lyons TW, Pérez-Cruz L, Carriquiry JD, Raiswell R & Beaufort L

(2013) The Cycling and Transport of Glacially Derived Iron in Arctic Fjord Sediments
Wehrmann LM, Formolo MJ, Owens JD, Ferdelman TG, Raiswell R & Lyons TW

(2012) Enhanced Delivery of Bioavailable Fe Through Glacial Processes in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard
Owens JD, Wehrmann LM, Raiswell R & Lyons TW

(2008) Abiotic Sulfide Oxidation via Manganese Fuels the Deep Biosphere
Bottrell S, Böttcher ME, Schippers A, Parkes RJ, Jorgensen BB, Raiswell R, Telling J & Gehre M

(2008) Iron Nanoparticulates in Ice-Hosted Sediments: A Window into the Subglacial Environment
Raiswell R, Benning LG & Davidson L

(2008) Oxidative Weathering and The Fe-S Balance of the Late Archean Ocean
Reinhard C, Raiswell R, Anbar A & Lyons T

(2008) Iron Nanoparticulates in Icebergs: A Source of Bioavailable Iron
Raiswell R, Benning LG, Davidson L, Tranter M & Tulaczyk S

(2007) Carbonate Concretions as a Window to the Evolving Chemistry of the Early Ocean and Atmosphere
Lyons T, Raiswell R, Robinson A, Scott C, Chu X, Li C, Love G, Sessions A & Gill B

(2002) High-Resolution Sulphur Isotopic Analysis, Using Laser Ablation Techniques, on Pyritised Fossils from the Hunsr¸ck Slate, Western Germany
Coburn PM, Raiswell R, Bottrell S & Newton R

(2000) Deep Anoxic Pyrite Oxidation and Stimulation of Bacterial Activity in Marine Sediments
Bottrell S, Parkes J & Raiswell R

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