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All abstracts by Nachiketa Rai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Distribution of Arsenic and Heavy Metals, and Associated Health Risk Assessment in Groundwater Wells of Haridwar, India
Khan MU, Dar T & Rai N

(2021) Stable Isotope and Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater in the Upper Jhelum Basin, NW Himalayas: Implications for Recharge Processes
Dar T, Rai N, Khan MU, Kumar S & Jahan A

(2021) Spatial Variations of Hydrogeochemistry and its Controlling Factors in the Satluj River Basin, Himalayas, India
Jahan A, Khan MU, Rai N, Maurya AS, Dar T & Kumar S

(2019) Isotopic Composition and Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater and Surface Water in Awash River Basin, Ethiopia
Teshome B, Rai N & Krishan G

(2017) In situ Viscometry of Primitive Lunar Magmas at High Pressure and High Temperature
Rai N, Perrillat J-P, Mezouar M, Colin A, Petitgirard S & van Westrenen W

(2015) Fe-Silicide-Bearing Meteorites: Analogues for the Early Building Blocks of Terrestrial Planets?
Downes H, Rai N, Smith C, Ross A & Herrin J

(2015) Constraints from Oxygen Isotopes on the Provenance of Material in the Solar Nebula: Case Study of Ureilite Meteorites
Rai N, Downes H & Smith C

(2013) Structural Change in Molten Basalt at Deep Mantle P-T Conditions
Sanloup C, Drewitt J, Dalladay-Simpson P, Morton D, Rai N, van Westrenen W, Konopkova Z & Morgenroth W

(2013) Calibration of the Raman Technique to Determine Water Contents in Lunar Silicate Glasses
Colin A, Davies G, Hooijschuur J-H, Nichols A, Rai N & van Westrenen W

(2012) Combining Experimental and Numerical Studies of Lunar Differentiation
van Westrenen W, de Vries J, van Kan Parker M, Tronche E, Rai N, van den Berg A, Sanloup C & Jacobs M

(2011) Constraints on the Formation of a Lunar Core from Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Siderophile Elements
Rai N & van Westrenen W

(2007) Metal Silicate Partitioning of Ge, Mo, Ga and P: Constraints on Core Formation
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

(2006) Effect of Silcate Melt Composition and fO2 on Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Nb, Ta and V
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

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