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All abstracts by David Pyle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Boron Systematics in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions Indicate a Deep-Slab Source for Volatiles in Southern Chile, and Magma-Forearc Interaction
Mather T, Turner S, Savov I & Pyle D

(2019) Evidence for Global Control of Boron Isotopes in Arc Magmas by Fore-Arc Interaction during Magmatic Ascent
Turner S, Savov I, Mather T & Pyle D

(2018) Fe-Redox in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions and Embayments Across the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone
Turner S, Humphreys M, Matzen A, Di Genova D, Iveson A, Smythe D, Mather T & Pyle D

(2017) Trace Element, Volatile Element, Boron Isotope, and XANES Analyses of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Chile and Argentina Indicate a Mantle Wedge Hydrated and Oxidized Primarily by Hydrous Melts of Subducting Sediment and Oceanic Crust
Turner S, Mather T, Pyle D, Humphreys M, Matzen A & Savov I

(2017) Finding Toba: Traces in a Borneo Stalagmite
Carolin S, Orland I, Cobb K, Adkins J, Valley J, Webb S, Edwards N, Pyle D, Mosselmans F & Geraki T

(2015) Millennial-Scale Variability in Arc Volcanism; Insights from Volcán Mocho-Choshuenco, Chile
Rawson H, Pyle D, Mather T, Smith V, Fontijn K, Lachowycz S & Naranjo J

(2011) Can We Use Variations in Volatile Concentrations in Volcanic Glass to Study Degassing?
Berlo K, Pyle D, Barclay J, Mather T & Tuffen H

(2007) Melt Inclusion Records of Degassing from Persistently Active Volcanoes: Etna, 2006
Collins S, Pyle D, Maclennan J & Mather T

(2007) Global Volcanic Emissions of SO2, Halogens and Trace Metals, 1998 – 2005
Pyle D, Millard G, Mather T, Witt M & Andres R

(2005) Petrographic Clues to Overturn and Eruption of Open-System Magma Chambers: Santorini, Greece
Holness M, Martin V & Pyle D

(2004) Windows into an Open-System Magma Chamber: Cognate Inclusions from the Kameni Islands, Santorini, Greece
Martin V, Holness M & Pyle D

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