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All abstracts by Magali Pujol in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Natural Hydrogen Occurrence in Bougou-1 Well (Mali): Geological Accumulation or Ongoing Generation, Insights from Stable Isotopes and Noble Gas Tracing
Pujol M & Battani A

(2022) Using Noble Gases to Predict the Hydrocarbon-Water Contact
Scott JA, Pujol M, Collell J & Galliero G

(2020) Noble Gas Fractionation: Some Insights from Molecular Simulations
Galliero G, Hoang H & Pujol M

(2020) How to Resolve the Noble Gas Composition of an Oil
Pujol M, Pauly J, Collell J, Hermoso X & Destandau F

(2020) Constraining the Source and Magnitude of CO2 Contamination in Shale Gases: A Case Study from the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S & Stuart F

(2020) Unravelling the Hydrocarbon Charge History of a Field Using Noble Gases
Scott J, Pujol M & Gilfillan S

(2020) Geochemistry of Gas Seeps from Haiti: Evidence of Plate Boundary Faults and Underthrusting of Oceanic Crust
Battani A, Mercier de Lepinay B, Stuart F, Burnard P, Pujol M & Momplaisir R

(2019) Revisiting Noble Gas Behaviour in Natural Energy Resources from a Molecular Simulation Perspective
Galliero G, Hoang H, Vermorel R & Pujol M

(2017) Noble Gases Isotopic and Elemental Fractionation by Diffusion in Oil and Gas Under Reservoir Conditions: A Molecular Dynamics Perspective
Hoang H, Vermorel R, Galliero G & Pujol M

(2017) Investigating Reservoir Connectivity Using Nobles Gases in a West of Shetland Hydrocarbon Reservoir
Scott J, Gilfillan S & Pujol M

(2017) Using Noble Gas Isotopes to Constrain the Source of CO2 in the Vaca Muerta Shale in the Neuquén Basin (Argentina)
Gyore D, Pujol M, Gilfillan S, Stuart F & Estrada S

(2017) Combining Noble Gas Tracing and Thermodynamic Approaches to Unravel Complex Fluid History in a Sub-Salt Petroleum Reservoir
Pujol M, Zhou H, Montel F & Gilfillan S

(2015) The Potential Importance of Metal Transfer from Formation Waters to Petroleum for Re-Os Dating of Oils
Mahdaoui F, Reisberg L, Michels R, Montarges-Pelletier E, Panfilova I, Pujol M & Kieffer I

(2014) Geochemical Insights into the Composition of the Archean Atmosphere
Marty B, Avice G, Burgess R, Burnard P, Hebrard E, Kuga M, Philippot P, Pujol M & Zimmermann L

(2013) The Composition of the Archean Atmosphere as a Tracer of Volatile Exchange between the Mantle, the Surface and the Outer Space
Marty B, Pujol M, Burgess R, Hébrard E, Zimmermann L & Philippot P

(2012) Nitrogen Composition of the Ancient Atmosphere from Fluid Inclusion Analysis of Archean Quartz
Marty B, Zimmermann L, Pujol M, Burgess R & Phillipot P

(2011) Noble Gas in Basin Centred Gas: Sampling Techniques and Preliminary Results
Pujol M, Van den Boorn S, Bourdon B, Kipfer R, Wieler R & Brennwald M

(2010) Xenon Isotope Evidence for UV Irradiation in the Hadean and the Archean
Pujol M, Marty B & Marrocchi Y

(2009) Xenon in Archean Barite
Pujol M, Marty B, Burnard P & Philippot P

(2008) In Search of the Archaean Atmosphere in Fluid Inclusions Trapped in 3.52 Ga Quartz (Pilbara Drilling Project)
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2007) Noble Gases Composition of Palaeo Archaean Atmosphere and Mantle
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2006) Chemical composition of Archaean hydrothermal fluids from the Dresser formation (Pilbara Drilling Project, Australia)
Pujol M, Philippot P & Marty B

(2006) High resolution, multicollector noble gas mass spectrometry: HELIX-MC
Burnard P, Pujol M, Basset R & Marty B

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