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All abstracts by Joaquín A. Proenza in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Shedding Light on the Source of Rare Earth Elements' Particles in Road Dust
Navarro-Ciurana D, Corbella M, Corral I, Buixadera E, Farré de Pablo J, Meroño D, Morera-Valverde R & Proenza JA

(2019) Not Deep-Mantle Origin of Unusual Minerals in the Moho Transition Zone of Eastern Cuba Ophiolites
Pujol-Solà N, Proenza JA, Garcia-Casco A, González-Jiménez JM, Melgarejo JC & Gervilla F

(2019) Diamonds in Ophiolitic Chromitites are not in all Cases Formed at UHP Conditions
Farré-de-Pablo J, Proenza JA, González-Jiménez JM, Garcia-Casco A, Colás V, Roqué-Rosell J, Camprubí A & Sánchez-Navas A

(2019) Nanoscale Structure of High-Temperature Ru-Os Sulphides
Jiménez-Franco A, Roqué-Rosell J, González-Jiménez JM, Proenza JA, Gervilla F & Nieto F

(2019) Gold in Massive Sulfides of the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Yesares L, Sáez R, Ruiz de Almodóvar G, Proenza JA & Pons JM

(2019) Mobility of Re and Os Isotopes in Platinum-Group Minerals during Laterization?
Aiglsperger T, González-Jiménez JM, Proenza JA, Galí S, Longo F, Griffin WL & O´Reilly SY

(2016) Fluid-Rock Interaction in the Subduction Environment: Tremolitite-Veins and Associated Blackwalls in Subducted Atg-Serpentinite (Central Cuba)
Butjosa L, Garcia-Casco A, Proenza JA, Blanco-Quintero IF & Cambeses A

(2013) On the Origins of Platinum-Group Minerals in Ophiolitic Chromitites
Gervilla F, Griffin WL, González-Jiménez JM, Proenza JA, O'Reilly SY & Pearson NJ

(2011) Investigation of Platinum Group Minerals (PGM) from Falcondo Ni-Laterite Deposit (Dominican Republic) Using Hydro-Separation Concentrates
Aiglsperger T, Proenza J, Zaccarini F, Garuti G & Longo F

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