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All abstracts by Alain Prinzhofer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Unconventional Generation of Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Basin: The Role of Siderite/Water Interface
Milesi V, Prinzhofer A, Guyot F, Brunet F, Richard L, Dairou J & Benedetti M

(2011) Determination of U-Th and Pb Isotope Ratios in Crude Oil, Kerogen and Asphaltenes: Potential Application for Dating Age of Expulsion of Crude Oil from the Rock Source
Sanabria G, Pécheyran C, Bérail S, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2010) Characterization of Natural Hydrogen Sources in Ophiolitic Context
Vacquand C, Prinzhofer A & Deville E

(2009) Is Abiotic Methane Generation Important in Petroleum Systems?
Prinzhofer A, Vacquand C, Magnier C & Deville E

(2009) Direct Determination of Uranium, Thorium and Lead Isotopes Ratios in Crude Oils by fs-LA-ICP-MS
Ricard E, Gourlan AT, Peycheran C, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2009) U, Th and Pb Systematics in Petroleum Systems: First Analyzes of Petroleum Source Rocks by fs-LA-ICP-MS
Gourlan AT, Ricard E, Peycheran C, Prinzhofer A & Donard OFX

(2009) The Differential Migration of Noble Gases as Leakage Proxy in CO2 Geological Storage
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M, Magnier C & Schneider F

(2008) Influence of the Bound Water on Molecular Migration of CO2 and Noble Gases in Clay Media
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M & Magnier C

(2008) Extra-Sedimentary Fluids in Petroleum Systems: Evidence of Subducting Slab Degassing
Prinzhofer A & Moreira M

(2007) Tracking CO2 Leakage with Noble Gases
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M & Magnier C

(2007) Non-Hydrocarbon Compounds in Oil and Gas Accumulations: Deep Influx Constrained by Noble Gases
Prinzhofer A, Dreyfus S, Donard O & Vaz Dos Santos Neto E

(2002) Isotopic Study of CO2 and CH4 Out-Gassed from Argillites Investigated for Radioactive Waste Repository
Girard J-P, Fléhoc C, Gaucher E, Prinzhofer A & Chappellaz J

(2000) Gas Geochemistry of Mud Volcanoes from Trinidad: Surface Evidence of Deep Gas Reservoirs, Modified by Vertical Migration
Deville E, Prinzhofer A, Battani A, Herbin JP, Ballentine C & Houzay JP

(2000) The 20Ne/36Ar Ratio as a Tracer for Ancient Oil: The Oil-Water and Gas-Water Double Distillation Model
Sarda P, Battani A & Prinzhofer A

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