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All abstracts by Vatali Prakapenka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Structure of Mg2SiO4 Glass up to Pressures of the Core-Mantle Boundary
Prescher C, Prakapenka V, Skinner L & Wang Y

(2014) Melting in the Fe–O–S System at High Pressure
Campbell A, Fischer R, Chidester B, Thompson E & Prakapenka V

(2013) Phase Diagrams of FeO and Fe-Si Alloys
Fischer R, Campbell A, Reaman D, Heinz D, Dera P & Prakapenka V

(2013) The Baric Behaviour of Bloedite at Low and High T: A Contribution to the Study of Icy Satellites
Comodi P, Stagno V, Zucchini A, Fei Y & Prakapenka V

(2013) Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in Coesite
Cernok A, Boffa Ballaran T, Caracas R, Miyajima N, Bykova E, Prakapenka V, Liermann H-P & Dubrovinsky L

(2011) Equation of State of Water and Melting Curve of Ice VII Based on Simultaneous Measurements of Sound Velocity and X-Ray Diffraction of Ice VII to 19 GPa and 873 K
Sang L, Farber D, Aracne C, Zhang J, Prakapenka V, Kantor I, Tkachev S, Zhuravlev K & Bass J

(2011) Toward a Self-Consistent Pressure Scale: Elastic Moduli and Equation of State of MgO and Ringwoodite by Simultaneous X-Ray Density and Brillouin Sound Velocity Measurements at High-P and High-T
Sinogeikin S, Lakshtanov D, Prakapenka V, Sanchez-Valle C, Wang J, Shen G & Bass J

(2010) Post-Perovskite Phase Transition in Compositions Related to Mantle Rocks
Grocholski B, Shim S-H & Prakapenka V

(2008) High-Pressure Phases in the MgO-FeO-Al2O3-SiO2 System: Implications for the Deep Mantle
Duffy T, Kubo A, Shieh S, Dorfman S & Prakapenka V

(2008) New Constraints on the Pyrolitic Model Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Ricolleau A, Fei Y, Cottrell E, Watson H, Zhang L, Fiquet G, Auzende A-L, Roskosz M, Morard G & Prakapenka V

(2008) Obtaining D<sub>Ni</sub><sup Style="margin-Left: -2ex;">met/Sil</Sup> in the LHDAC
Cottrell E, Fei Y, Ricolleau A & Prakapenka V

(2006) Elasticity of iron-rich silicate in Earth’s D” layer
Mao W, Mao H-K, Shu J, Fei Y, Hemley R, Meng Y, Prakapenka V, Campbell A, Sturhahn W, Zhao J, Shen G & Heinz DL

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