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All abstracts by Olivier Pourret in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Growth of Open Access Publishing in Geochemistry: An Update
Pourret O, Irawan DE, Hursthouse A & van Hullebusch ED

(2021) Trend and Policy of Publishing Open Access Article in China
Liu H & Pourret O

(2021) Under-Representation of Talents Among Awards in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Riches AJV, Pourret O, Ader M, Anand P, Arndt S, Bots P, Dosseto A, Li Z, Marin-Carbonne J, Middleton JL & Ngwenya B

(2021) Constraining Geochemistry’s Community Demographics
Little SH, Labidi J, Riches AJV, Bots P, Anand P, Arndt S, Li Z, Maters EC, Marin-Carbonne J, Chi Fru E, Pourret O, Ngwenya B & Samankassou E

(2019) Assessment of Trace Elements Distribution in French Agricultural Soils
Herbout A, Armand R, Martinez RE, Rizzo D & Pourret O

(2017) Modeling Rare Earth Elements Uptake by Hydrous Manganese Oxides: Implication for REE Mobilization in a Groundwater System
Liu H, Pourret O & Guo H

(2017) Distribution and Fractionation of Rare Earth Elements along the Jurien Bay Dune Chronosequence
Giet C, Hayes PE, Faucon M-P, Houben D, Lambers H & Pourret O

(2017) Rare Earth Element Geochemistry in an Iron-Rich Nickel Laterite from New Caledonia
Devez P, Bonhoure J & Pourret O

(2017) Effect of Iron Plaques on Rare Earth Element Uptake during Rice Growth
Pourret O, Martinez RE, Dian C & Faucon M-P

(2015) REY Scavenging in the Presence of Siderophores Produces Negative Ce Anomalies in Manganese Oxides
Kraemer D, Tepe N, Pourret O & Bau M

(2015) Fluid Circulations and Iron Oxides Associated on Cataclastic Deformation Bands in Porous Sandstones, Bassin du Sud-Est, Provence, France: New Insights from Rare Earth Elements Geochemistry
Bonhoure J, Pourret O, Debaecker S, Fedou C & Saillet E

(2013) Phosphorus Availability in Agricultural Soils of Wallonia (Belgium) – A Modeling Approach
Cobert F, Pourret O, Renneson M & Colinet G

(2013) Modelling of Rare Earth Element Sorption to Bacillus subtilis Bacteria
Martinez R, Pourret O & Takahashi Y

(2013) Formation of Monazite-(MREE) from Paleozoic Shales: Role of Host Rock Chemical Composition and Organic Material
Tuduri J, Chevillard M, Colin S, Gloaguen E, Gouin J, Potel S & Pourret O

(2013) Modeling of Copper and Cobalt Fractionation in Soils: A Useful Tool to Predict Edaphic Factors Influence Upon Cu and Co Accumulation in Two Metallophytes
Lange B, Faucon M-P, Mahy G, Jitaru P & Pourret O

(2013) Rare Earth Element Signatures of Metal-Rich Hydrothermal Ferromanganese Deposit in the South-West Pacific
Josso P, Pelleter E, Pourret O, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Bollinger C

(2013) Origin of Heterogenite (CoOOH) as Illustrated by Rare Earth Element Fractionation
Decrée S & Pourret O

(2012) Reassesment of the Rare Earth Elements External Cycle in French Watersheds – A High Potential Resource for the Future
Pourret O, Tuduri J, Armand R, Bayon G & Steinmann M

(2011) Marine Mo Isotope Inventory: The Role of Igneous Rock Weathering
Voegelin AR, Nägler TF, Neubert N, Pettke T, Steinmann M & Pourret O

(2011) Relation between Cobalt Fractionation and its Accumulation in Metallophytes from South of Central Africa
Faucon MP, Collinet G, Jitaru P, Verbruggen N, Shutcha M, Mahy G, Meerts P & Pourret O

(2011) Mobility of Rare Earth Elements during Igneous Rocks Weathering and Associated Stream Water Transport (Malaval Catchment, Massif Central, France)
Chaux L, Routier T, Pourret O, Steinmann M & Bontemps S

(2011) Rare Earth Elements Fractionation as Proxies of Unconformity Uranium Deposit Mineralized Fluids
Bonhoure J & Pourret O

(2011) Colloidal Control on the Distribution of Major and Trace Elements in a Small Mountain Stream (Malaval Catchment, Massif Central, France)
Catrouillet C, De Bardon De Segonzac C, Pourret O & Steinmann M

(2009) Rare Earth Elements Fractionnation Modelling between Manganese Oxide and Humic Acid
Pourret O, Marsac R, Davranche M & Fauvain L

(2005) Organo-Colloidal Control on Trace-Element Distribution in Shallow Groundwaters: Fingerprinting by Ultracentrifugal Cells
Dia A, Morin E, Pourret O, Gruau G, Davranche M & Henin O

(2005) Organic Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Natural Waters: Comparing Speciation Models and Ultrafiltration Experiments
Pourret O, Gruau G, Davranche M & Dia A

(2004) Impact of Organic Complexation on Ce(III) Oxidation and REE Adsorption onto Mn and Fe Oxides
Gruau G, Davranche M, Pourret O & Dia A

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