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All abstracts by Stefano Poli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Oxidation of Subducted Organic Matter Buffered by Marine Carbonate Rules the Carbon Isotopic Signature of Arc Emissions
Tumiati S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D, Manning C, Vitale Brovarone A, Poli S & Boutier A

(2020) Dissolution of Subducted Ocean Carbonates and Organic Matter Controls the Carbon Isotopic Signature of the Mantle Wedge
Tumiati S, Recchia S, Remusat L, Tiraboschi C, Sverjensky D & Poli S

(2017) Hydrous Carbonatitic Liquids Generated by Subducted Pelagic Carbonates
Poli S & Schettino E

(2017) Andean Volcanoes Record Carbonatite Mantle Metasomatism and CO2 Degassing at Subduction Zones
Ferri F, Poli S & Rodríguez-Vargas A

(2017) The Liquidus Surface in the System CaCO3–MgCO3 at High Pressure: Revisiting Conditions for the Minimum
Zhao S, Poli S, Franzolin E & Schmidt MW

(2016) Experimental Contraints on the CO2 Content of Fluids Interacting with the Subduction Mélange
Tumiati S, Tiraboschi C, Pettke T, Recchia S, Ulmer P & Poli S

(2015) Liquids from CaCO3 in the Presence of H2O and the Mobility of Carbon in Subduction Zones
Poli S

(2013) Water Contents of Natural Anatectic Melts: Constraints from NanoSIMS Analysis of Remelted Nanogranites and Glassy Inclusions
Bartoli O, Cesare B, Acosta-Vigil A, Remusat L & Poli S

(2013) Carbonatites out of a Subducted Altered Oceanic Crust? Experimental Evidences for Epidote-Dolomite Eclogite Melting at 3.8 – 4.2 GPa
Poli S

(2013) Composition of COH Fluids up to 2.4 GPa: A Multi-Method Approach
Tiraboschi C, Tumiati S, Ulmer P, Recchia S, Pettke T, Fumagalli P & Poli S

(2013) Chromium Solubility in Chlorite and Implications for Subduction Zone Dynamics: An Experimental Study in the CrMASH System up to 6.5 GPa, 900℃
Fumagalli P, Fischer J, Gemmi M, Merlini M & Poli S

(2013) Fluid-Induced Redox Processes at the Slab-Mantle Interface: Insights from Ultrahigh-Pressure Garnet Peridotites
Malaspina N, Langenhorst F & Poli S

(2012) Nanogranites in Anatectic Metapelites: Building up the Database
Cesare B, Ferrero S, Bartoli O, Acosta-Vigil A, Turina A, Poli S, Ewing T & Bodnar R

(2011) Melting in the Deep Crust: Message from Melt Inclusions in Peritectic Garnet from Migmatites
Bartoli O, Cesare B, Poli S, Bodnar RJ, Frezzotti ML, Acosta-Vigil A & Meli S

(2009) High-Pressure Behaviour of Carbonates and Hydrates, and Devolatilization of the Subducted Oceanic Crust
Poli S, Franzolin E & Molina J-F

(2009) Unravelling Redox Processes in Mantle Wedge Peridotites
Malaspina N, Poli S & Fumagalli P

(2009) High-Pressure Cr Solubility in Chlorites and its Implications for Clinochlore Stability
Fischer J, Merlini M, Fumagalli P & Poli S

(2009) Storage of CO2 in the Upper Mantle: A Solid Solution Model for Ca-Mg-Fe Carbonates
Franzolin E, Schmidt MW, Poli S & Merlini M

(2009) Carbonate-Silicate Equilibria in Upper-Mantle Peridotites Saturated with C-O-H Fluids
Tumiati S, Fumagalli P & Poli S

(2004) Generation of C-O-H Fluids from Subducted Altered Oceanic Crust: An Experimental Perspective
Crottini A & Poli S

(2000) Hydrates in Synthetic Peridotites and Mechanisms of Hydrogen Transport at High Pressure
Fumagalli P & Poli S

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