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All abstracts by Lubos Polerecky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Altruistic Electrical Cooperation in Multicellular Cable Bacteria
Geerlings N, Karman C, Polerecky L, Trashin S, As K, Kienhuis M, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Vasquez-Cardenas D, Boschker H, de Wael K, Middelburg J & Meysman F

(2019) Bypassing the Redox Ladder: Cable Bacteria as Electron Sinks for Other Microbes
Vasquez Cardenas D, van de Vossenberg J, Polerecky L, Malkin SY, Hidalgo-Martinez S, Middelburg JJ, Meysman FJ & Boschker HT

(2018) PH Dynamics in Bioirrigated Permeable Sediments
Volkenborn N, Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C & Polerecky L

(2018) High-Resolution Imaging of O2, pH, and pCO2 in Bioirrigated Sediments
Dwyer IP, Zhu Q, Meile C, Polerecky L & Volkenborn N

(2017) Na/Ca Ratio of Coccoliths as a Potential Paleo Proxy
Roepert A, Polerecky L & Middelburg JJ

(2017) Diatom Chemistry as a Potential Paleoproxy
Akse S, Polerecky L & Middelburg J

(2017) The Faithfulness of Foraminiferal Calcite as a Seawater Chromium Recorder
Parkinson I, Remmelzwaal S, Sadekov A, Titelboim D, Roepert A, Schmidt D, Abramovich S, Polerecky L & Middelburg J

(2017) Fate of Zero-Valent Sulfur in a Sulfidic Aquifer
Clark C, Polerecky L & Macalady J

(2016) Retention of Biosignatures Associated with Phosphate in Fe-Oxide Mineralized Bacterial Mats
King HE, Plümper O, Polerecky L & Blake R

(2013) Availability of Light and Chemical Energy Determines the Structure of Natural Sulfide Oxidizing Biofilms
Klatt J, Meyer S, de Beer D & Polerecky L

(2012) Oxic-Anoxic Oscillations Driven by Infaunal Hydraulic Activity
Volkenborn N, Polerecky L, Meile C, Wethey DS & Woodin SA

(2011) Assessing the Role of Microorganisms in Biogeochemical Processes by Protein Immunodetection Using nanoSIMS
Milucka J, Polerecky L, Lieberwirth I, Schüler M, Keil T, Vagner T, Widdel F & Kuypers M

(2011) The Influence of Physically-Induced Porewater Advection, Benthic Photosynthesis and Respiration on CaCO3 Dynamics in Reef Sands
Rao A, Polerecky L, Ionescu D, Meysman F & De Beer D

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