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All abstracts by Andre Poirier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Strontium Isoscape of Georgia, South Caucasus Region: Implications for Paleodiet and Population Migration Studies
Coupal I, Poirier A, Horoi V & Ribot I

(2023) REE Distribution and Nd Isotope Composition of Sediment Leachates as Tracers of Holocene Lithogenic Inputs in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence (Eastern Canada)
Montero-Serrano J-C, Casse M, St-Onge G & Poirier A

(2021) 20Ne/36Ar in Geothermal Fluids of Theistareykir: A Possible Thermometer of Water-Rock Interactions?
Pinti DL, Haute-Labourdette M, Saby M, Poirier A, van Hinsberg V, Berlo K, Castro CM, Gautason B & Sigurðardóttir ÁK

(2017) Lacorne Pluton, Québec: A Suite of Archean Standards for LA-ICP-MS Measurements
David J, Poirier A & Revelli N

(2017) U-Pb Geochronology and REE Signatures: Fingerprinting the Interplay between Magmatism and Migmatisation, Archean Superior Province (QC, Canada)
Revelli N, David J, Gervais F, Tremblay A & Poirier A

(2016) Iron Isotopic Compositions in Shelf, Slope and Abyssal Sediments from the Arctic Ocean
Royer-Lavallée A, Gobeil C & Poirier A

(2016) Dating Diagenesis of Carbonate: In situ Measurements by Laser Ablation
Poirier A, David J, Ghaleb B & Gogot J

(2015) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Corals from the Labrador Sea: Implications for NW Atlantic Deepwater Circulation during the Holocene, Bølling-Allerød, MIS 5c and 7a
Ménabréaz L, Maccali J, Blénet A, Ghaleb B, Poirier A, Edinger E & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2015) The Fate of Atmospheric Pollutant Lead in Urban Ecosystem Revealed from Isotopic Imprints and Long-Term Blood Records
Véron A, Petit D, Flament P, Deboudt K & Poirier A

(2015) Bracketing the Archean: Zircon from the Lacorne Pluton (Abitibi, Québec) to Improve LA-ICP-MS Geochronology
David J & Poirier A

(2015) Trace Metals Dispersion from Two Smelters in the Abitibi Region: An Approach Coupling Lead and Osmium Isotopes
Vautour G, Poirier A & Widory D

(2013) Tracing Industrial Atmospheric Emissions Using Radiogenic Isotopes
Poirier A, Gogot J & Boullemant A

(2013) Os Isotope Constraints on Crustal Contamination in Auckland Volcanic Field Basalts, New Zealand
Hopkins J, Poirier A, Millet M-A, Timm C, Leonard G & Wilson C

(2013) Coupled Climate-Geochemical Modeling of the Connections between Break-Up of Rodinia, Weathering of Continental Flood Basalts, Snowball Glaciations and the Strontium Cycle
Hubert-Théou L, Cox GC, Le Hir G, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Halverson GP, Poirier A & Nelson L

(2013) Volcanic Degassing of the Gunbarrel Large Igneous Province and its Environmental Repercussions
Cox G, Halverson G, Hurtgen M, Poirier A, Theou-Hubert L & Wing B

(2012) Ore Origin of Middle-Bronze Age Copper Artefacts from Sidon
Veron A, Le Roux G, Baque D, Poirier A & Doumet-Serhal C

(2012) Use of Stable (HOCN) and Radiogenic (Sr) Isotopes to Determine the Geographic Provenance and Traceability of Artisanal Cheeses of Quebec, Canada
Desrochers S, Stevenson R, Helie J-F & Poirier A

(2012) Epsilon Nd Signatures of NW North Atlantic Water Masses and their Recording in Deep Corals from Orphan Knoll
Poirier A, Retailleau S, Blenet A, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Edinger E

(2012) Multi-Isotope Tracing of Atmospheric Emissons from an Aluminum Smelter
Gogot J, Poirier A & Boullemant A

(2011) Use of Stable (ΗOCN) and Radiogenic (Sr) Isotopes to Determine the Geographic Provenance and Traceability of Artisanal Cheeses of Quebec, Canada
Desrochers S, Stevenson R, Hélie J-F & Poirier A

(2011) Osmium Isotopes in Manganese Nodules from the Labrador Sea
Poirier A, Hillaire-Marcel C, Meredyk S & Edinger E

(2011) Osmium Isotopic Tracing of Atmospheric Emissions from an Aluminum Smelter
Gogot J, Poirier A & Boullemant A

(2009) Radiogenic Isotopes Investigation of Cenozoic Environmental Changes in the Arctic Ocean
Poirier A, Veron A & Hillaire-Marcel C

(2008) Ventilation of the Arctic Ocean Since the Miocene: Osmium Evidence
Poirier A & Hillaire-Marcel C

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