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All abstracts by Frank A. Podosek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Nitrogen Isotopes in Lunar Soils: A Record of Contributions to Planetary Surfaces in the Inner Solar System
Marty B, Chaussidon M, F├╝ri E, Hashizume K, Podosek F, Wieler R & Zimmermann L

(2012) Planetary Scale Sr Isotopic Heterogeneity
Moynier F, Day J, Okui W, Yokoyama T, Bouvier A, Walker R & Podosek F

(2010) 84Sr Anomalies in Meteorites?
Moynier F, Day J, Bouvier A, Podosek F & Walker R

(2010) Zinc Isotopic Variations in HED Meteorites
Paniello R, Moynier F, Beck P & Podosek F

(2008) Toward Understanding Early Earth Evolution: Prescription for Approach from Terrestrial Noble Gases and Light Elements Records in Lunar Soils
Ozima M, Yin Q-Z, Podosek F & Miura Y

(2007) Terrestrial Atmospheric Nitrogen in Lunar Soils?
Podosek F, Marty B, Zimmerman L, Korotev R & Ozima M

(2005) Early Solar System Timescales
Podosek FA

(2004) Early Earth Evolution Recorded in Lunar Soils?
Ozima M, Miura Y, Podosek F, Seki H & Hashizume K

(2003) Possible Sources of Non-Solar Xe, Ar in Lunar Soils
Ozima M, Miura Y & Podosek F

(2002) Revisiting I-Xe Systematics, an Early Solar System Chronometer
Ozima M, Miura YN & Podosek FA

(2002) Megascale Isotopic Anomaly in Cr
Kitts K, Nichols, Jr. RH & Podosek FA

(2000) Solar Gases in the Earth by Solar Wind Irradiation?
Podosek FA, Woolum DS, Cassen P & Nichols Jr. RH

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