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All abstracts by Noah J. Planavsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calibrating Timescales and Measuring pCO2 to Test the Role of LIP Volcanism in the Miocene Climate Optimum
Kasbohm J, Jurikova H, Schoene B, Holbourn A, Planavsky NJ, Rae JWB & Hull PM

(2023) Mitigation of Soil Nitrous Oxide Emissions during Maize Production with Basalt Amendments
Chiaravalloti I, Theunissen N, Zhang S, Wang J, Sun F, Ahmed A, Pihlap E, Reinhard CT & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Enhanced Rock Weathering in Agricultural Settings: Real-World Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Removal, Crop Yields, and Soil pH
Welbel G, Reershemius T, Matlin-Wainer M, Davis I, Lieberman S, Reinhard CT & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Quantifying Carbon Dioxide Removal in an Enhanced Rock Weathering Field Trial in Queensland, Australia: A Soil-Based Mass Balance Approach
Reershemius T, Nelson PN, Davies K, Bird MI, Kalderon-Asael B, Asael D, Epihov DZ, Beerling DJ, Reinhard CT & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Carbon and Strontium Isotope Insights on Bedrock Chemical Weathering: Implication for CO2 Removal via Natural Water Alkalinization
Sun F, Wang J, Rioux R, Zacharias Q, Planavsky NJ, Raymond P & Saiers JE

(2023) Pacing and Pathways of Carbon Sequestration in a Warm Pliocene Ocean
Brabson EK, Burls NJ, Planavsky NJ, Fedorov AV & Hull PM

(2023) Geochemistry and Fossil Record of the End-Triassic Event: A Holistic View from a Single Site
Pálfy J, Demény A, Haas J, Heszler B, Katchinoff J, Kovács EB, Palcsu L, Planavsky NJ, Somlyay A, Vallner Z & Zajzon N

(2023) Paleosol Lithium Isotopes Indicate Lower Clay Production in the Weathering Zone Before Land Plants
Beaty B, Kalderon-Asael B, Rauzi S, Isson T & Planavsky NJ

(2023) Solution Chemical Compositions Modulate Elemental Uptake in Calcite: Potential Implications for Paleo-Proxy Calibrations
Uchikawa J, Penman D, Harper DT, Farmer JR, Zachos JC, Planavsky NJ & Richard Z

(2023) Unconventional Lithium Resources and Recovery: Salton Sea Geothermal Brines
McKibben MA, Humphreys J, Brounce M, Dobson P, Planavsky NJ & Kalderon-Asael B

(2023) Exploring Riverine Chemical Fluxes and Weathering Processes in Sarawak, Malaysia Borneo
Cheung CTL, McKenzie R, Beaty B, Ravichandran S, Muhammad AA, Planavsky NJ & Nagarajan R

(2023) The Role of Substrate and Seawater Geochemistry in Shaping the Fossilization of Earth's Earliest Animal Communities
Slagter S, Hao W, Planavsky NJ, Konhauser KO & Tarhan L

(2023) Progressive Planetary Oxygenation: Multiple Lines of Evidence Confirm an Archean Oxidation Event at 2.5 Ga
Anbar AD, Buick R, Gordon G, Johnson A, Kendall B, Lyons TW, Ostrander CM, Planavsky NJ, Reinhard CT & Stüeken EE

(2022) The Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project (SGP): A Collaborative Approach to Statistical Analyses of Deep-Time Data
Farrell UC, Johnston DT, Planavsky NJ, Lau KV, Anjanappa S, Sperling EA & Collaborative Team S

(2022) Enhanced Continental Weathering and Organic Carbon Burial Following the End-Permian Mass Extinction
Cui Y, Adloff M, Nsingi M, Wu Q & Planavsky NJ

(2022) The Role of Microbial Mats in “Ediacara-Style” Preservation
Slagter S, Hao W, Planavsky NJ, Konhauser KO & Tarhan L

(2022) Carbonate Triple Oxygen Isotope Values during the Shuram Carbon Isotope Excursion
Wostbrock J & Planavsky NJ

(2022) Multiproxy Approach Linking the Geochemical Composition of Stromatolite Microfabrics to Microbial Surface Mats in Hamelin Pool
Oehlert AM, Vitek BE, Izaguirre I, Koschik CH, Pollier CGL, Wu Z, Beaty B, Suosaari EP, Reid P & Planavsky NJ

(2022) Evaluating Bedrock Influences on Chemical Weathering via a Comparative Study between Tropical Rivers in Hong Kong and Marianas Islands
Cheung CTL, McKenzie R, Luk K, Bauer K, Planavsky NJ & Savage PS

(2021) Protracted Oxygenation in the Paleoproterozoic did not Result in Proliferation of Mitochondrial Organisms
Mänd K, Planavsky NJ, Porter S, Robbins LJ, Wang C, Kreistmann T, Paiste K, Paiste P, Deines Y, Kirsimäe K, Lepland A & Konhauser K

(2021) Reinterpreting the Apparent Rise of Diatoms Through a Diagenetic Lens
Westacott S, Planavsky NJ, Zhao M & Hull PM

(2021) Interrogating the Cretaceous-Palaeogene Li Isotope Crash with New Records of Foraminiferal δ7Li
Henehan MJ, Kalderon-Asael B, Barnet JSK, Witts JD, Rae JWB, Planavsky NJ, Hull PM & von Blanckenburg F

(2021) Geochemical Constraints on the Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Flux of Osmium to Seawater
Syverson DD, Katchinoff J, Yohe L, Tutolo B, Seyfried W, Planavsky NJ & Rooney A

(2021) Early Diagenesis Effect on Lithium Isotopes in Carbonates
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky NJ, Oehlert A, Vitek B & Reid P

(2021) Oxygen Isotopic Fingerprints on the Phosphorus Cycle within the Subseafloor Biosphere
Zhao M, Blake R, Planavsky NJ, Jaisi DP, Liang Y, Chang SJ & Dogru D

(2017) The Monterey Formation: A Window into Miocene Oxygen Minimum Zone Expansion
Hancock L, Lyons T, Planavsky N & Behl R

(2017) Precambrian Submarine Arc Volcanoes: Deep-Water Hydrothermal Oases for Anoxygenic Iron-Oxidizing Phototrophs?
Slack J, Konhauser K, Kappler A & Planavsky N

(2017) New Perspectives on the Cenozoic ∂7Li Record
Henehan M, Abell R, Tsong R, Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky N, Burke J, Elder L, Foster G, Davis C, Maas A, Elliott T, Schmidt D & Hull P

(2017) Correlated Mo and U Isotope Signatures in Sediments from the Black Sea and the Cariaco Basin
Weyer S, Brueske A, Neubert N, Schulte V, Zok D, Dellwig O, Planavsky N & Lyons T

(2017) Determining the Significance of the Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Modern Marine Stromatolites
Oehlert A, Pourmand A, Planavsky N, Suosaari E & Reid P

(2017) Strong Evidence that Chromium in Shales and Ironstones Tracks Environmental Cycling
Cole DB, Zhang S, O'Connell B & Planavsky NJ

(2017) Unravel the Earth’s Oxygenation History with Molecular Organic Sulfur Geochemistry
Wang C, Lyons T, Bekker A, Love G & Planavsky N

(2017) Tracking the Local Accumulation of Free Oxygen within Archean Marine Systems Using a Coupled Fe-Mo-Tl Stable Isotope Approach
Rybacki K, Owens J, Planavsky N & Reinhard C

(2017) Coupled U and Fe Isotope Records Suggest Onset of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Three Billion Years Ago
Wang X & Planavsky N

(2017) Deciphering the δ7Li Record in Carbonates
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky NJ, Asael D & Terry-Tang YS

(2017) Sulfur non Mass Dependent Anomalies in Modern River Water of Archean Catchment
Asael D, Planavsky N, Bellefroid E, Hofmann A & Reinhard C

(2017) Deciphering Proterozoic Shallow Marine Redox Structure Using Carbonate REE
Bellefroid E, Planavsky N & Reinhard C

(2017) On Reverse Weathering, Climate Stability and Cooling
Terry-Tang Y & Planavsky N

(2017) A ~2 Billion-Year Assessment of Paleogeographic Influences on Earth’s Climate State
McKenzie R, Evans D, Eglington B & Planavsky N

(2017) Organic and Carbonate Carbon Burial Through Earth’s History
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Bolton E & Terry-Tang Y

(2017) Behavior of Mo, U, and Tl Isotopes during Differentiation in the Kilauea Iki System
Gaschnig R, Reinhard C, Owens J, Planavsky N, Wang X, Asael D, Greaney A & Helz R

(2016) Tracking the Long-Term Carbon Cycle in Earth History: Himalayan Anecdotes
McKenzie R, Planavsky N, Colleps C, Stockli D, Singh B, Kalderon-Asael B & Reinhard C

(2016) Do Boron Isotopes in Shallow Marine Carbonate Record Marine pH?
Zhang S, Henehan M, Planavsky N & Hardisty D

(2016) Untangling Detrital and Authigenic Signals of Redox-Sensitive Proxies
Cole D, Zhang S, Stockey R & Planavsky N

(2016) Integrated Geochemical-Sedimentological Tests for the Preservation of Seawater Paleo-Redox Signals in Carbonates
Hood A, Planavsky N, Wallace M, Wang X, Gueguen B, Cole D & Bellefroid E

(2016) A Carbonate Li Isotope Record Through Earth’s History
Kalderon-Asael B, Planavsky N & Asael D

(2016) Deciphering the Mid-Proterozoic Shallow Marine Redox Structure and Carbon Cycle Using REE and δ13C
Bellefroid E, Planavsky N, Halverson G & Kunzmann M

(2016) Evolution of Earth's Phosphorus Cycle
Reinhard CT, Planavsky NJ, Gill BC, Robbins LJ, Lyons TW, Fischer WW, Wang C, Cole DB & Konhauser KO

(2016) Tracking the Rise of Eukaryotes to Ecological Dominance with Zinc Isotopes
Tang T, Love G, Zumberge A, Reinhard C, Dupont C, Asael D, Rooney A, Owens J, Gill B, Rainbird R, McCrow J, Lyons T & Planavsky N

(2016) The 1.4 Ga Xiamaling Formation, North China: What it can and Cannot Tell us About the Mesoproterozoic
Diamond C, Planavsky N, Wang C & Lyons T

(2016) Spatiotemporal Variations in the Degree and Frequency of Baltic Sea Holocene Anoxia
Hardisty D, Riedinger N, Holdaway B, Planavsky N, Bates S, Asael D & Lyons T

(2016) Constraining the Evolution of Atmospheric O2 Levels Using the Isotope Geochemistry of Paleosols
Auerbach D & Planavsky N

(2016) Chromium Isotope Fractionation in Ferruginous Sediments
Bauer K, Gueguen B, Francois R, Planavsky N & Crowe S

(2016) Is a Coherent Picture of Earth's Early Oxygenation Emerging from Sedimentary Metal Isotope Records?
Planavsky N & Reinhard C

(2016) Oxygenation of Deep Continental Basins and Colonization of Complex Marine Biotas during Cambrian Age 4 (~514-509 Ma) in South China
Jin C, Li C, Algeo TJ, Planavsky NJ, Cheng M, Yang X, Zhao Y & Xie S

(2016) Mo and U Isotope Behavior in the Lesser Antilles Subduction System
Gaschnig R, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Wang X, Asael D & Chauvel C

(2016) A Highly Redox-Heterogeneous Ocean in South China during the Early Cambrian (~529-514 Ma): Implications for Biota-Environment Co-evolution
Li C, Jin C, Algeo T, Planavsky N, Cui H, Yang X, Zhao Y, Zhang X & Xie S

(2016) Ca, Mg, and Li Isotope Records Leading into the Sturtian Glaciation
Crockford PW, Kunzmann M, Blättler CL, Planavsky NJ, Higgins JA, Halverson GP & Wing BA

(2015) A Sequential Leaching Method to Measuring Primary Signatures on Partially Altered Bulk Carbonates
Bellefroid E, Planavsky N, Jiang G & Hood A

(2015) Chromium Isotope Effects Induced by Metamorphic, Weathering, and Hydrothermal Alterations
Wang X, Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Zou H, Ague J, Wu Y & Peucker Ehrenbrink B

(2015) Redox Conditions in the Latest Mesoproterozoic
Cole D, Hodgskiss M, Gueguen B, Kunzmann M, Crockford P, Gibson T, Worndle S, Halverson G & Planavsky N

(2015) Geochemical Evidence for Variable Redox Structure in the Paleoproterozoic Animikie Basin, Lake Superior Region
Tang T, Planavsky N, Slack J, Cannon W, Lyons T, Bekker A & Asael D

(2015) A Holocene History of Dynamic Redox Conditions in the Landsort Deep, Baltic Sea
Hardisty D, Riedinger N, Lyons T, Planavsky N, Andrén T, Jorgensen B, Slomp C, Ash J, Bauersachs T & Martin E

(2015) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The History of Palaeocene Ocean pH
Henehan M, Hull P, Planavsky N, Thomas E & Özen V

(2014) Deep Ocean Oxygenation
Planavsky N & Reinhard C

(2014) Geochemical Evidence for Ferruginous Marine Conditions Following the Paleoproterozoic Demise of Iron Formation Deposition
Li C, Planavsky N, Love G, Lyons T, Reinhard C, Feng L, Huang J, Zhang Q & Chu X

(2014) Cenozoic Seawater Uranium Isotopic Composition Recorded in Mn-Fe Crusts
Wang X, Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Hein J, Lyons T & Johnson T

(2014) An Oceanic Oxidation Event Coincident with the Shuram Carbonate-Carbon Isotope Excursion
Hardisty D, Lu Z, Osburn M, Planavsky N, Jiang G, Zhou X, Ling H-F, Li D & Lyons T

(2013) Earth Surface Redox Constraints from the Ancient Cr Cycle
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Wang X, Fischer W, Johnson T & Lyons T

(2013) Sedimentary and Genomic Insights into the Evolution of Iron Oxidation
Fischer WW, Johnson JE, Hemp J, Pace LA, Planavsky NJ & Webb SM

(2013) A Record of Paleoproterozoic Surface Ocean Redox from Iodine-To-Calcium Ratios
Hardisty D, Lu Z, Planavsky N, Bekker A, Zhou X & Lyons T

(2012) Significance of Sulfidic Organic-Rich Archean Shales
Planavsky N, Scott C, Reinhard C, Wing B & Lyons T

(2012) Great Oxidation Event: How Quickly did it Come and go?
Bekker A, Planavsky N, Scott C, Partin C & Rasmussen B

(2012) Geochemical Perpectives on Local Versus Global Ocean Redox at 1.64 Ga
Kelly A, Lyons T, Alsop E, Love G, Planavsky N, Kendall B & Anbar A

(2012) New Insights from FOAM: Iron and Trace Metal Cycling in Highly Sulfidic Pore Waters beneath an Oxic Water Column
Hardisty D, Riedinger N, Gill B, Johnston D, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Asael D & Lyons T

(2012) Fluctuations in Precambrian Atmospheric and Oceanic Oxygen Levels: A New Precambrian Paradigm Emerging?
Partin C, Bekker A, Planavsky N, Gill B, Li C, Podkovyrov V, Maslov A, Konhauser K, Love G & Lyons T

(2012) Ocean Redox Changes in the Wake of the Marinoan Glaciaiton
Sahoo S, Planavsky N, Kendall B, Wang X, Shi X, Anbar A, Lyons T & Jiang G

(2012) Paleoproterozoic Collapse in Seawater Sulfate and Subsequent Shallowing of the Methane Cycle in Marine Sediments
Scott C, Wing B, Bekker A, Planavsky N, Medvedev P, Bates S, Yun M & Lyons T

(2012) Weathering of Mafic Rocks and Early Animal Evolution in the Ediacaran of South China
Huang J, Chu X, Lyons T, Planavsky N & Wen H

(2011) Fe Isotope Cycling in Ferruginous and Anoxic Lake Pavin (France) from Water Column to Sediment
Busigny V, Planavsky N, Jézéquel D, Louvat P, Michard G, Viollier E & Lyons T

(2011) Iron and Other Metals in the Proterozoic Oceans
Planavsky N, Scott C, McGoldrick P, Li C, Reinhard C, Love G, Bekker A & Lyons T

(2011) Molybdenum as a Paleoredox Proxy: An Update
Lyons T, Arnold G, Chappaz A, Gill B, Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Riedinger N, Scott C & Anbar A

(2011) Tracking Archean Seawater Trace Metal Inventories Through Multi-Proxy Analysis of Euxinic Black Shales
Scott C, Planavsky N, Kendall B, Wind B, Bekker A, Anbar A & Lyons T

(2011) Molybdenum and Vanadium Abundances in Banded Iron Formation and the Onset of Oxidative Continental Weathering
Lalonde S, Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Pecoits E & Konhauser K

(2011) Chromium Enrichment in Iron Formations Record Earth’s First Acid Rock Drainage during the Great Oxidation Event
Konhauser K, Lalonde S, Planavsky N, Pecoits E, Lyons T, Mojzsis S, Rouxel O, Barley M, Rosiere C, Fralick P, Kump L & Bekker A

(2010) Enhanced Primary Productivity in the Aftermath of the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen
Planavsky N, Bekker A, Hofmann A & Lyons T

(2009) Iron Oxides, Dissolved Silica, and Regulation of Marine P Concentration
Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Bekker A, Reinhard C & Lyons T

(2008) Rare Earth Element Evidence for Redox Structure Evolution
Planavsky N, Rouxel O, Bekker A & Lyons T

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